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Yeah, Michael Roar working odd jobs, he’s been doing this since high school. No, the ending isn’t good for our lion hero.

Let me know what you think.

Comic Characters

Michael Roar

Comic Storylines

Michael gets fired

Comic Transcripts

Panel one, Michael Roar is standing in front of a construction site. Behind him is part of a brick wall, with a car behind it. Also behind him is a stack of lumber, with a tool chest and a hammer on it. He is smiling, thinking “Oh boy! I’m finishing my first week on this housing construction job, and I’m doing great for a change!” From off-scene is a dialog box that says “Hey Michael?”
Panel two, Michael is facing another construction worker. Michael asks “What can I do for you?” The construction worker says “The boss wants to see you.”
Panel three, Michael looking off to the side with a smile. He says “Good! He Probably wants to make me permanent.” The worker looks up with a snarky expression. He says “Yeah, something like that.”
Panel four, Michael is standing in front of a partially finished brick wall. There is a table with a toolbox and laptop on it. He faces his boss and says “Hello boss, what may I do for you?” The boss says “You’re fired.”

Roar - Michael working construction Transcript
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Michael working construction

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