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Well, Michael needs the money, which means working at La Furry Royal. Knowing Michael’s luck (and the nature of this comic), let’s see how it goes.

Let me know what you think.

Comic Transcripts

Panel One, Michael Roar is walking next to a wall with two signs on it. The first sign says La Furry Royal, with a lot of red hearts on it. The second one below says Back Entrance. Michael is a bit downcast as he walks towards the door, thinking “Well, I’m back to this place… again.”
Panel Two, Michael is walking in front of the dancing area. The area has three poles that go from the floor to the ceiling. Michael is thinking “I’m glad Herbert will let me work tonight.” From off-scene are three dialog boxes. The first says “Look, is that the King of the Jungle?” The second one says “Yes, I like him.” The third one says “I’m going to grope him so hard.”
Panel Three, Michael is in a small office with a desk, and a computer on the desk. On the wall is the same sign La Furry Royal. Behind the desk sits a beagle character named Herbert BarkyDoodle. Michael waves at Herbert and says “Hey Herbert, thanks for letting me do this.” Herbert looks at Michael, says “Anything for the King of the Jungle.”
Panel Four, Herbert asks “Got fired again?” Michael looks up and says “Yeah…” With a smile, Herbert says “Sorry to hear that, but good for me.”

Roar - Michael arrives at La Furry Royal Transcript
Michael arrives at La Furry Royal transcribed by Comic Transcript AuthorsSammy in

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Michael arrives at La Furry Royal

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