Available 6.6.2017

From New York Times bestselling author, Yasmine Galenorn:

Take a walk deep into the forests of Otherworld. Learn the history and secrets of the characters who make up the realms of Earthside and Y'Elestrial, and discover the hidden worlds of the men and women who have been part of this magical series. This collection contains the stories in three collections, until now, only published in E-format: Tales From Otherworld, Men of Otherworld: Collection One, and Men of Otherworld: Collection Two.

This volume contains the stories in:
Tales From Otherworld
Men of Otherworld: Collection One
Men of Otherworld: Collection Two

What really happened when Camille cast the invisibility spell? How did their parents Maria and Sephreh meet? Who is the mysterious ghost that is haunting the D'Artigo house? And what was the "turkey incident" that precipitated the opening scene in Priestess Dreaming?

The Hunger: What really happened to Rozurial and Fraale when Zeus and Hera showed up at their house?
Blood Ties: Roman's brother is coming to town, and it's not a happy family reunion.
Ink Bonds: Trillian's love for Camille drives him to seek her out, even a world away.
Chasing Sharah: Chase and Sharah have the most unexpected first date ever.
The Purr-Fect Weekend: Shade relishes the idea of a weekend alone with Delilah, until cat-astrophe turns it into one long fuzzy disaster.

FAE-TED TO LOVE: Vanzir and Aeval take a startling turn in their relationship.
SMOKE AND MIRRORS: Smoky has to decide just how he feels about humans...and he tastes his first inkling of love.
LUCK BE A LEPRECHAUN: Bruce discovers that sometimes, there's a good reason to stay out of the woods.
FAMILY TIES: Morio's caught in a lie that he told for love.

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Otherworld Tales, Volume One