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Part of the Winter's Spell Trilogy series:
  • Weaving Winter


Sometimes, it's safer to trust the Wolf rather than the Prince...

After her mother’s death, Asajia discovers that the sheriff is planning to confiscate her inheritance, and force her to join his harem. Rather than accept her fate, she escapes into the darkly enchanted Bramble Fel Forest—a forest cursed with the perpetual breath of Winter, nightmarish creatures, and dark, dangerous secrets. Asajia would rather take her chances with real monsters than submit to the vile man.

Unfortunately, the sheriff doesn’t like to lose, and he sends a raiding party to find her with orders to bring her back at any cost.

Once in the shadow of the forest, Asajia discovers a rare lark stone which triggers her magical heritage, and as she moves deeper into the forest, she begins to hope she’s escaped. But when the raiders finally track her down, her magic is too unpredictable to save herself, and she finds herself outnumbered with nowhere to run.

A band of outcast wolf shifters arrives just in time to rescue her, but Asajia finds herself caught in between the charming Wolf Prince and his rogue assassin brother.

There is only one thing Asajia knows for certain—the sheriff will never stop looking for her, so she has little choice but to put her trust in one of the warring brothers. Who will she choose? And will that choice lead to her ruin or will it give her a life she never imagined possible?

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Weaving Winter