Monday Monday…Answering A Few Questions

Word Magic

Just answering a few of your questions, peeps!

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Paranormal Pin-Up: Lip colors and No Caffeine

Paranormal Pin-Up

I have a vlog for you today! And the additional info I promised in there is below, in the post. As I said in the video, But First, Coffee is now Paranormal Pinup. *grins* Want to know why? Listen to

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Makeup and Corsets and Books, OH MY! (New Vlog)

I have a new vlog for you! MAKEUP: Makeup Forever Pur Alima Deep Steep Red Apple Dove CLOTHES: Corset Story City Chic Online Pin Up Girl Clothing Torrid UPCOMING BOOKS: Silver Stag Knight Magic

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Quick Catch-Up

I’m on two mega-deadlines over the next 8 weeks, so I’ll be sporadic, mostly posting about Darkness Raging, I guess, which comes out Feb 2, 2016. I’d love to see the last Otherworld book with Berkley go out with a

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Nail Art!

To celebrate a month of NIGHT SHIVERS I had my nails done in a deep blue (yes, that is blue) with silver and glitter polish. I’m so excited–my nail tech has ordered a bunch of autumn leaf nail decals and

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Autumn Makeup Palettes

MAKEUP POST! If you’re not into makeup, I suggest moving on. 😉 Anybody who has met me, or has read my blog, you know that I love makeup. Absolutely passionate about it. For me, it’s a ritual—it’s a celebration, it’s

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