Blogmas: Winter Musings (Giveaway)

Deer in a snow on winter background.

I love the feel of the stark landscape, and the pristine look of snow (I may not want snow for more than a few days, but I do love the feel of that clear, crisp, blanket over everything). When I

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Cauldron Thoughts

Autumn leaves on trees through the fog.

During autumn, the world spins into a cacophony of color. The trees shed their skins in the how of the winds As we spin circles around the bonfire.

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Vlog: Welcome to the Witching Season

Word Magic

Every year I put up a post I call Welcome to the Witching Season. Today, I’m bringing it to you in a vlog!

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The Mystical Landscape of Western Washington

September banner!

One of the things I love best about our area is what happens during autumn. September usually varies between moderate and rainy, we often slide into the beginnings of our rainy season about mid-to-late month. The trees begin to change

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The Nature of Litha

The Wheel of the Year--Litha

Litha — the summer solstice — falls on June 21st this year. The exact time is at 8:54 AM, PDT. The summer solstice means different things to different pagans, and all of these traditions can be right. In my tradition,

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That Burnt Orange Season…

That Burnt Orange Season...

Saturday we went out for a brief drive. It’s been autumn here for awhile, but all of a sudden, I looked around, and it was everywhere–autumn, in all her glory. The leaves are turning color, there’s a brilliant array of

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Inspiration Corner: The World is a Marvelous Place

Stay Inspired!

I came across this video and thought…it’s so freaking amazing. If a butterfly can fly that far…then we can do so many incredible things with our lives. What in nature makes you marvel?

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But First, Coffee: My World as a Character

But First, Coffee

We went out for a couple of drives this past weekend. It was so nice not have anything on the schedule. I’ve been working overtime the past few weeks on both the book and our renewal of vows. And now,

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Hurricanes and Earthquakes and Tornadoes, OH MY!

JENN: I was talking about Hurricane Harvey with Yasmine today. I was letting her know how far I am from the coast and just checking in to let her know I’m okay. While we were talking about that we got

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