Answering a reader question today:

Melissa asks: Do you have any favorite plants or trees that you resonate with? Do you connect with nature?

Answer: Yes, I do, and yes, I love being out in the forest or by the ocean, but I have to be very cautious due to my MCAS and my reactions. There are some plants that are endemic around here that I react really badly too. And pollen causes an overload of histamine. But we have a beautiful yard and I may not be able to spend a lot of time outside, but I can look out the window, at the least. My favorite seasons are autumn, then winter, then spring. Summer’s not kind to me.

As far as plants I resonate with–well, my favorite flowers are (in some sort of order): foxglove, hydrangeas, lilacs, mums, lupine, delphiniums, tritoma, moonflowers, Canterbury bells, Chinese lanterns, daffodils, irises, hollyhocks, roses. I love ferns of all kinds. Trees: willow, holly, sequoia, weeping sequoia, birch, cedar, rowan.


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