Blessed Solstice!

Stonehenge under a full moon

On the longest night of the year, we Turn the Wheel, mourning the death of the Holly and celebrating the rise of the Oak. Bright blessings and may the Solstice bring you joy and hope. Yasmine and Samwise  

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Blessed Winter Solstice

Tonight we will turn the Wheel to witness the eternal battle, to mourn the death of the Holly King, and celebrate the rise of the Oak King rises. And so in a spiral we live our lives, the Eternal Return,

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Winter Solstice Contest

Welcome to my Winter Solstice Contest! To enter, you have to guess how many ornaments I have on my main tree (pictured below). Hints: The tree is 6’5″ tall and full. It’s jam packed with ornaments. Bows included. The person

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