Well, it’s been a while since I actually posted anything other than the usual excerpts and Caturday. I’m sorry about the Year in my Yard — I’ve come to realize that unless I actually have to leave the house to get a picture, I tend to forget about it until a day or two later. It seems rather futile to pick it up again now so I’ll have to see what I want to do next.

I was going to create another vlog for you, but that also takes extra time and I’m in the middle of writing a book on a tight deadline right now. Believe it or not, being an indie author does not eliminate deadlines. You have to take your own deadlines as seriously as you take those of any publisher in order to manage your releases correctly.

I’ve been watching the Olympics lately, (yes — I am a total Olympics fan). I love the winter Olympics more than the summer, but I watch both. About the only thing I’m not interested in are the team sports like hockey, basketball, baseball, etc., although I do watch beach volleyball. I admire the drive and passion of all the athletes, and just their sheer ability to power through some of those incredibly tough sports. I love that you can live stream them now, though it cuts down on my productivity.

As far as writing, THE SILVER STAG is on my editor’s desk now. I can’t tell you how much fun I had writing that book, and how much I already love that world. I’m looking forward to writing a number of books in it, and I think anybody who loves my Otherworld Series, Fly by Night series, Whisper Hollow, and my poor little lone Lily Bound book, will enjoy the Wild Hunt. And the great thing is, since I started it in indie, I can write as much as I want to and control the promotion and write it as long as sales are good.

Speaking of the nuances of being an indie author, I have taken over my mailing list for my newsletter, so you will see it coming from a different email address though it will still come from my name. It will be coming from a domain email addy — GALENORN.com to be specific. So be sure and check your spam filters if you haven’t received this month’s newsletter because I just sent it out yesterday. I have some very time sensitive sale information in there, including a sale and a limited-time offer for a free book of mine.

I have spring fever, I’m starting to dream about what flowers I want to plant this year. Every February, I start thinking about spring, because for me February’s the dreariest month. We have sunshine today, but it’s cold and last night it was 26°. I’m not exactly a sun bunny, but living in Seattle, I do appreciate a few sunny days here and there. In summer, it drags on too long for me, but right now blue sky is a welcome sight. I just wish it was warm enough to go sit outside.

Last week I reached that point in winter where I get my annual bloody nose from the dry cold air. Every year it happens. Last week I had a 25 minute long bloody nose, which is not uncommon when I do get them. I was a lovely site, hunched over my desk, pinching my nose, applying ice to my face. I’m pretty sure I resembled a crime scene. However, it was a good reminder to start using my saline nose spray — the one thing that prevents it. (Before anybody suggests it, no, I will not use a netti pot. I have sensitive of sinuses and have read way too many horror stories about bacteria from the water causing problems).

So tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I always consider Valentine’s Day to be a holiday for everybody, because I feel the expression of love should not be confined to just that among lovers, but should include friends, pets, and family. So even if you aren’t in a relationship, remind someone close to you that you love them. It never hurts to remind people of what they mean to us.

And I guess for now I’ll close this out. Just a reminder that you can preorder THE SILVER STAG now, and that KNIGHT MAGIC is available.

  • KNIGHT MAGIC will not be available in print because it’s a short novella.
  • THE SILVER STAG print edition will not be available for preorder but should be out about the same week that the E format version is released.

Again, my new books are not be available in stores, but you can order the print editions from Amazon.

And to the vocal minority who have been so upset over me going indie that they’ve thrown temper tantrums on my Facebook page—and that’s the only way I can describe some of the tirades—stop. You have three choices with my books now: E-book. Print on Demand, ordered online. Stop reading my work. The choice is up to you, but I refuse to let anybody browbeat me about it.

I guess that’s all the news that I need to give you today, to rather long blog I know but then again, I’ve been a little slip shod in getting anything up beyond the basics.

So what have you been up to?

  1. You tell ’em Yasmine! I’m thrilled for you that you are able to self publish, and while I do still love a paper book, I will read your books in any format. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

  2. Happy Valentines Day to you, Samwise & your fur babies. Sorry people are still ranting at you for going Indie. I, for one, really appreciate it. I’ve always loved books and I read a lot of your Otherworld series in paper format, but as I’ve gotten older I really appreciate the ease of reading on my Kindle. I also appreciate that the price of the ebooks is less. Less cost plus the Kindle Unlimited option lets me indulge my reading habit. I hope it is better for you financially as well. Love the worlds you create.

    • Yasmine Galenorn

      Yes, actually, it is better for me financially. People would be shocked by how small of a percentage the writer gets of their books in traditional publishing. Even with advances, it doesn’t make most writers rich, by any stretch of the imagination.

  3. Don’t let anyone tell you how to run your life or your stories. Just please keep writing and I will read in any and all formats. People are such babies today,. They seem to think everything is about them and their wishes. So glad you will stand up to the bullies!
    Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Celebrate the heck out of it and then get back to writing, woman!!

  4. I’m just getting used to my new routine of taking care of Olivia Grace (almost three months old) since my daughter returned to work. My other Grands have quickly tired of helping w/an infant.
    Hoping that w/the advent of Spring, the folk still pitching hissies will grow a life & stop whinging.

  5. Long story short, I’m hoping to use GoFundMe or Patreon. Either way, at least I can do BOTH sides of the same coin. Just discovered that I have the Moon and Bast as my guide. I say I’m very grateful for all the books I want to read by you and many other authors such as Lilith Saintcrow, Rachel Caine and Jonathan Maberry. You all give me the passion to create fiction, even though I sometimes feel like changing my mind to something else. But here is the truth: I wanted to write stories ever since I started watching anime, between 1986 to the present. My first anime was Birth, which I think was by Gainax, but I may be wrong. Most favorite is Gunbuster, an ova anime that introduced me to naked female bodies minus sex. I guess I’m not surprised that I have discovered that I was meant to write stories from the universal spirit of my childhood to when I became a teenager. I used to try writing novels as a teen, THAT was when I felt my destiny. And yet, I struggle though I’m done trying to not express my art on paper and computer screen, besides mostly in my mind and sometimes on my phone screen. I have an ebook that I bought last year that helps plan your novel or novella. I’ll stop here. Anywhoo, take care of yourself and give both your spirit guardians, Brigid, your hubs Samwise and your cats a hello! Seriously, thank you so much for being a great inspiration for making me feel like becoming more of an author than anything else. Many spring blessings to you and your husband. I hope to see you someday during this year and happy Valentine’s Day! By the way, I recommend trying Drama Fever. I actually need to get back into the spirit of wanting to BOTH watch Asian dramas and create Asian drama serials. I was going to ask how I can actually get something done, but I forgot about Canva. Maybe I can try submitting my first Jdrama novel to an indie publishing press such as Kindle Direct Publishing and Print On Demand. Yep, Createspace aka Amazon will still do. Sorry for rambling. Happy Unicorn Day!

  6. Thank you for this lovely update. I’ve typed it before and I’ll type it again. You are still my favorite author after all these years, and I’ll support all the changes and all your work because you are amazing and kind to share so much of your life with us. Can’t wait for Silver Stag! More corsets, and magic, and weapons and creatures OH, MY!

  7. I am a fairly recent fan who only read a couple of the print books before switching to the ebooks. I prefer the lower cost and convenience of the digital releases. And I appreciate that you are such a prolific writer but not at the cost of quality. I enjoy your musings on the wintry weather in Seattle, as I live in sunny Florida and vicariously visit the Northwest through your books. Looking forward to the new Silver Stag series and to the new Otherworld book, though I hope there will be a new Bewitching Bedlam release later in the year!

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