Okay, I missed this week. I wasn’t feeling good, spaced it out, took a nap, and bingo, if I took a picture now it would be a nice big black blob. So, I am sorry but second week in four months missed. Still think I’m doing okay.

But because I don’t want to leave you treeless for the week, here’s a picture of a tree from around the area that I think is absolutely gorgeous. It’s from up near Snoqualmie Falls. Obviously I took it during another season but…it’s a tree, it’s cool, and it’s what you get. Oh, and since I’m feeling generous and a bit better rested, I’m throwing in a picture of the Falls too…the other day they sure didn’t look like this. They were thundering crazypants from the flooding. Including a video of them on January 5th.

Cool Tree

Snoqualmie Falls

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A Year of Trees: Facepalm…
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