Good morning everyone and welcome to the Monday Snippet! It’s 15 days to go now till the US release of Delilahs latest adventure, Panther Prowling!

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Yasmine’s latest electronic anthology is available now – Men Of Otherworld!

Mist & ShadowsTales From OtherworldFlight From Hell & Priestess Dreaming are still available!  Panther Prowling is available for PREORDER, click on the names for the pre-order page.

Men of OtherworldMist And Shadows and  Tales From Otherworld (Which features a small prequel to Priestess Dreaming!) and are both out but they are electronic releases only, you will need either an e-reader or an app to read it.  Amazon offers free e-reader software for you to do just that and read them on your computer or your smartphone.


A devil-wraith? We’d never heard of that before. Or at least, I hadn’t. And by the looks on their faces, neither had the others, except for Ivana, who was nodding her head.

“The Mad Man is correct. Devil-wraith, it is. And he’s a nasty one. So, Dead Girl . . .” Ivana turned to Menolly. “What needs done, it will be a difficult spell and I must work with this . . . human.”

“What kind of bargain do you want?” Menolly glanced over at me. Even she looked exhausted.

“To summon a ghost and bind it to the Mad Man, in order to dispel the devil-wraith? I have one in my garden who can do it, but the Mad Man here must seal it to his will. For payment, I will keep the devil-wraith in my garden once we have collected it. That is my price. Such a lovely toy it will be. Such a trophy—so seldom found.”

Well, that was better than her cajoling us for bright flesh.

“That’s what you ask? To keep the devil-wraith?” Menolly pressed her. We had to be very clear with the likes of Ivana, because one misstep when it came to the Elder Fae, and we could have a big mess on our hands.

Ivana cocked her head. The bag lady look made her appear both pathetic and grotesquely childlike, but there was nothing either pathetic or childlike about her, when you stripped away the veneer. To us, right now, she looked like a gnarled old bird, her face riddled with bumps and lumps—warty in appearance, though we had no clue what they really were.

Dressed in tattered clothing, from a distance Ivana looked like she was ready to keel over dead at any moment. But all of that was pure illusion. We’d seen her unmasked once, and her beauty was brutal and jarring. She’d put the Fae queens to shame with her brilliance, as alien as a crystal figurine under the night sky.

Ivana cackled. “The devil-wraith is my price. No amount of bright flesh or oinker or moo-cow would ever be as tasty as a devil-wraith in my garden of ghosts. Their screams are delightful . . . a prod with my staff here, a poke of my finger there, and they shriek for hours, begging Ivana to stop. Oh yes, that will do for a bargain.”

I swallowed hard. Ivana’s garden of ghosts was a terrifying plot of land around her house where she entrapped stray spirits—she said they were all nasty but we could never be sure of that. She liked to torment and tease them. She was a spiritual sadist in the truest sense of the words.

Menolly nodded. “You have a bargain. What do we need to do?”

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Monday Snippet! – Panther Prowling
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2 thoughts on “Monday Snippet! – Panther Prowling

  • 01/12/2015 at 10:05 pm

    You just keep on writing and I will keep on buying. Think I will get the ebooks only stories you have to keep me occupied till this comes out.

  • 01/12/2015 at 9:07 am

    I can’t wait for this book, but then again I always love Delilah! It’s so hard to wait between books but your writing is so fabulous I can’t complain cause I’m sure it takes tons of hours to put out something that well done. I miss seeing you on twitter as much as you used to be on but I understand having to withdrawal from social media. Best wishes to you, Sam and those beautiful cat babies of yours:)


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