(I wrote this blog last night, by the way…so when I refer to “yesterday” I’m actually talking about Tuesday, not Wednesday. I am feeling better this morning, thank gods).

So this week has been a mishmash of stress. First, regardless of how or why it came about, realizing that Berkley won’t be doing more Otherworld books totally shifts my writing world—I’ve been writing about them since 2005, that’s 10 years that I’ve turned in books to my editor, and this year I turn in the 18th book in that series to her and then, that’s it with Berkley with regards to Otherworld. After that, the D’Artigo sisters and I strike out on our own. So…even though, in the long run this is probably a good thing, it’s major change and major stress. I am just hoping that the Whisper Hollow and Fly By Night series finds the same level of success OW did.

Second, we’re going to talk about allergies. Yesterday, Sam ate a salad. He had garlic on it and a garlic based salad dressing. I’m allergic to garlic.

And apparently, it has become to the point of where now, after the past 24 hours, sorry—my house and anyone living here must be a garlic free zone. The garlic was oozing out of his pores, and by last night, it set off my asthma. I got up, the house seemed filled with the scent—it was in every room he’d walked into, meaning most of them. And it burned my lungs and burned my throat and I had to grab my inhaler and open the doors and windows. At least it was 49 degrees here last night. I sat up, finally at two AM I came into my computer and worked for a bit because I had to take my mind off the ache in my lungs. Add to that, I pulled a muscle (not bad, but enough to ache) in my inner thigh while working out and I felt like crap. By 4:00 I was standing in the bedroom, waking him up to tell him (in a very cranky voice) that there will be NO MORE GARLIC IN THE HOUSE. It’s bad if I eat it, very bad, and now it’s very bad if I’m around the scent.

So today, I aired out the house. He worked out hard to sweat it out and he’s sleeping in the living room tonight (because though it’s died down, the garlic is still coming out of his system—he ate a LOT) and after this, he’s garlic free in any amount that I can smell. And my lungs? Still burning a bit, though much easier on the breathing thing, which is good.

But this brings me to talking about: when a family member has an allergy that affects them on an airborne level. Please don’t discount it. Please don’t say, “Well, just move to another part of the room.” Breathing is essential. Breathing, without the fear of having to grab an inhaler or Epi-Pen, shouldn’t be something we have to fight over our loved ones with. Peanut dust, chemical scents, cigarettes, garlic…whatever the offending trigger is, understand the severity these allergens can have. If you love your partner/spouse/sibling/children…sometimes you have to make tough choices. If it’s a mild allergy, sometimes you can find a way to compromise…but one that’s severe…well…for the person affected, there is no way to compromise.

And I’ll add this in: I love the perfumes I can use. I love them with a passion. I wear them around the house. When we go out? I may use the lotion on my hands, but I don’t douse myself in perfume. I use it lightly, or—if we are going somewhere that entails sitting near others—I don’t wear it at all in case somebody out there is allergic to the things that I can wear.

This has not been an easy past few days.

Cute black buckle-shoulder sweetheart neckline retro 50s rockabilly dress.

One happy thing happened, though. I bought a few new dresses—and one came, and I held it up and thought, it’s not going to fit me. That won’t go on. But I decided to try it—because it’s my normal size, though it looked cut small—and by gods, the dress fit. And it’s cute. My husband even said that it’s “flirty” which made me smile. Here’s a picture of it, because it just so fits my style and it’s the one bright thing that happened so far this week. And a link, in case you want to look at what else they have.

Remember, tomorrow: Brain Candy Friday goes up.



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Stress, Allergies, & Cute Dresses
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8 thoughts on “Stress, Allergies, & Cute Dresses

  • 03/24/2015 at 1:32 pm

    So glad you’re over the “garlic attack”. I can understand you allergies, though yours are way worse than mine. I thankfully don’t have asthma nor do I need an Epi-pen, but I can get migraines from too strong scents. After my father passed away (16 years ago), I eventually got my Mom to stop wearing “Opium” perfume (Dad loved it, she loved it, my sinuses did not). That and strong incense, room sprays, etc. set me off every time. I go to a “health institute” to work out and for any help/advice I need on getting fit/loosing weight. They have a strict policy about perfumes/colones – they are forbidden due to others allergies/medical conditions. When they told me that when I got signed up I said, “Not a problem. I have allergies too.” As far as garlic goes, I can only eat minimal amounts and not very often. (My stomach has to be in the “mood”.) Onions and many spices affect me too. I have acid reflux and anyone who does not have a sensitivity to any kind of food doesn’t understand what it’s like. I always hear “It’s not spicy”, or “It’s not that spicy”. To me it is. I’m just that sensitive. My Mom has gotten to the same way too. Looking forward to “Flight from Death”! I’ve got it pre-ordered from my local B&N!

  • 03/23/2015 at 3:11 pm

    I totally agree with you about the garlic. I’m glad you are feeling better. I like garlic in moderation. My husband loves the roasted garlic hamburger at one of our local restaurants. I have told him that if he insists on eating one that he not do it when we are there together and that he find a way to get it out of his system quickly. It reeks. No wonder it’s said to keep away vampires!

  • 03/23/2015 at 5:16 am

    First of all I’m glad you are okay after the garlic fiasco. I totally agree with you. Even if someone else can have it, the consequences of just being around it for someone who can’t can be devastating. I’ve actually heard of someone dying due to being kissed by their boyfriend/girlfriend after they’d eaten a peanut butter sandwich hours prior. Their peanut allergy was just that bad. I am a smoker, and I live in my own place that I pay for myself. My mother hates cigarette smoke, she quit 20 years ago and it bothers her lungs even now. When she comes over, I do smoke in my house, but I distance myself and turn on a fan and/or open the window if I can. Bottom line, its about consideration for others.
    On the other notes, I love the dress, and I am a tank top and jeans woman. Its really cute and I hope you enjoy it. Lastly, we are all rooting for you Yasmine. I love the Otherworld series and will continue to purchase and read them for as long as they come out. As you go through changes as a writer, I will be there too, because I love your work and frankly, no change at all would be boring. So try to relax a little, hun, cause I think I speak for many of your readers when I say we are sticking with ya, no matter where your writing takes you. 🙂

  • 03/20/2015 at 1:30 pm

    I also want to thank you for publicizing how bad allergies can be. It’s really helped me understand (at least to the extent that I can.)

    And… I LOVE the new dress!!

  • 03/20/2015 at 12:02 pm

    Thank you for sharing your allergy problems. I had no idea even breathing some things could be a problem, although I find heavy perfumes and colognes on people will bother me. Also, I love, love, love your new dress and that Samwise said it’s ‘flirty’ made me smile! (You, too I bet.) Hope you’re feeling better and I am definitely looking forward to your next books!

  • 03/20/2015 at 6:03 am

    Reading your various posts about allergies has really opened my eyes to how much a person’s life is affected by them. I now try to always check when we bring food to a gathering if there are any food issues for anyone. It really is not that difficult to bring/make something that everyone can enjoy and no one has to run for their epi pen.

    I had a severe allergic reaction to a flu shot…ended up in the ER. It was so unexpected, I get flu shots every year but 2 years ago that stopped. I can never have one again. So everyone should understand that an allergy is super serious and can develop at any time.

    Thanks for raising awareness.

    I am very much looking forward to both new series. I love the Otherworld and will be sad to see it end. But the two new ones sound so exciting. I cannot wait 🙂

  • 03/19/2015 at 10:00 am

    Dear Yasmine,
    I just wanted to thank you on a personal level for being a beautiful person and a spectacular writer. I just “discovered” your OW books about 18 months ago. I remember the time frame, because me first grandchild was born about then. Shortly after her birth, she was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called RTS. Our world imploded–I lost my faith; I isolated-I couldn’t talk to anyone but my husband. But..I had your books. They were my comfort and my escape, and they saved my sanity. I work the night shift. When I finally crawled into bed each day, I could not shut my mind off. Your books helped me to do that. They are breathtaking, and I immersed myself in your world to escape my pain. I cried when I read what Berkley is doing to you. But you will succeed-you are too exceptional not to. I know that I will follow you wherever you take me:)
    Thank you and bright blessings always

    • 03/19/2015 at 12:02 pm

      Bright Blessings to you, and thank you–I hope you love my other work just as much and I will finish the OW series as I go, on my own.


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