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“I’m quite able to do massive damage with my strength and fangs regardless of whether a creature has any blood.” Sounding almost offended, Alex opened his door.

Ralph cleared his throat. “I’ll probably turn into my wolf form. That way if somebody does draw blood . . .” He paused, and I smiled quietly. Ralph had a little quirk. When he was in his human form, he fainted at the sight of blood, which effectively made him useless during a fight, unless he shifted.

Actually, it wasn’t the sight of blood that did it, but a bloody wound. On the rare occasion when Alex had spilled a bottle of blood on the floor, Ralph had turned pale and looked queasy, but he’d managed to stay on his feet. I wanted to ask him what trauma had set off the response, but we didn’t know each other well enough for me to pry into that personal an experience.

“Good thinking. That way we won’t have to worry about you hitting your head on some sharp edge.” Alex took Ralph’s fainting episodes in stride, but he didn’t mince words to try to make the werewolf more comfortable about them.

Ralph rolled his eyes and gave me an Oh brother look. Sometimes Alex treated him like a kid, and while Alex was definitely older than Ralph, Ralph had been around awhile. I was older than both of them by a long, long ways. But given that my life had been spent in the Dragon Reaches where time moved differently, time for me seemed nebulous. In relative terms, I was as young as Ralph. And in relative terms, Ralph was a bit younger than Alex. Chai was the oldest of us all.

As we headed over to Tonya, Degoba, and Patrick, I patted Ralph on the arm. “Don’t mind him—you know he doesn’t mean to come off so abrupt.”

“I know that, it’s just his nature. But damn it, Shimmer, the whole fainting thing? Embarrassing enough, especially given I’m a werewolf.”

“At least you’re not a vampire. That would be really bad if you fainted at the sight of blood.” I snickered. “Can you imagine the ribbing you’d get then?” At that, he laughed and we hustled on over to the others.

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Monday Snippet: Flight From Death

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