We’re working on getting the Nook versions of my short collections going. I promise–we think we have licked the problem (cross fingers this doesn’t come back to haunt me).

Yes, I AM writing an Indigo Court novella. Target date for release of NIGHT SHIVERS is by Sept 23rd. I hope maybe earlier. Depends on when I can get it to an editor. I’m actually having fun writing it–I didn’t think I’d have anything left to say in the IC world, but apparently, I do. If enough people want to read it (translate: sales), I’ll write more in that world as time goes along.

I’m also writing FLIGHT FROM MAYHEM for my publisher. People seem to be loving Shimmer, so far. I will say to those questioning the lack of romance: Alex and Shimmer are new to each other, and Shimmer is very, very new to relationships. She has no clue what to expect or feel in a serious relationship, so yah, the romance? It’s not going to be wide and sweeping in the first book…or the second. She has to get used to the idea and see if it fits for her. A number of my characters do separate sex from romance, especially since they aren’t human and don’t have the same cultural taboos. But we’ll see…Shimmer’s interesting to write because she’s a little less spontaneous, a bit more cautious on getting involved. She’s also discovering she’s empathetic which can cause a hell of a lot of problems when you’re not used to dealing with people.

I’m also frantically trying to get EMBRACING THE MOON edited. I thought it would be simpler, but I’m finding things I want to tweak from the original version. But…it will go up ASAP.

I jumped back on Twitter the other day. I have to say, I spent two minutes there before it hit me over the head: yeah, while it was a lot of fun, I’m happier when I’m not hanging out there. I get more done. My life feels quieter now. Yes, I have my FB discussion group, but Jenn moderates that mostly, and so…yeah, I’m spending more time with my thoughts and can breathe a bit better and don’t feel so frantic. And I think…I like the freedom to blog more.

WHERE ARE THE MONDAY SNIPPETS? To answer that question: I have discovered it makes more sense, for promotion–and has a better effect–to only push the books a month before release. So while yes, cover reveals and me mentioning them and now and then encouraging you to pre-order…otherwise, the snippets for AUTUMN THORNS will be going up starting in late September.

WHERE IS MY SWAG? Yes, we are doing swag again–and I will tell you how to get it soon, but be aware we do a mailing every 5-6 weeks. If your request came in a day or two before the mailing, it’s going to be waiting until the next go round since I ask Andria to concentrate all postal concerns into one or two days, not every time she’s here. Much more efficient use of her time.

I guess that’s all for today.



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