The Bad Boys of the Wild Hunt

The Bad Boys of the Wild Hunt Are Waiting

Herne, Kipa, Viktor, Yutani, Cernunnos, and Rafé (yes, you’ll meet him in A SHADOW OF CROWS), are waiting… *grins* Which one would you pick? The Wild Hunt Series


The Stag in my Wild Hunt World

Writer At Work

Herne, in my Wild Hunt Series, is the son of Cernunnos, Lord of the Forest. In actuality, Herne was a legendary hunter/demigod figure in Celtic Mythology. But regardless of whether it’s my world, or actual mythology, both Herne and Cernunnos


But First, Coffee: This, That, and Other Stuff

First, the Coffee...

So I’ve been working hard lately. IRON BONES is uploaded and ready for release day. I have a summer sale coming up at the end of this week and I’ve been working on graphics and ads for that. And I’m


Running With the Wild Hunt

Oak & Thorns

I wanted to talk just a little bit about the Wild Hunt series. THE SILVER STAG seems to be going over quite well, and I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. Well, perhaps I can try. I am


Twenty Thoughts As I Come to the End of Otherworld


Thoughts as I look toward the end of the Otherworld Series: I’m sorry my readers are going to be so sad, but I’m also gratified they loved the world so much. I can’t believe I’ve written 20 books in this


Indigo Court Announcement!

It’s Back! That’s right–I finally got my e-and print rights back to the entire Indigo Court Series. This means, new covers, a little updating to iron out any mistakes I found in the first versions, and–if people still love the


Time for Updates!

Hey there! I was going to record a vlog for you, and in fact, I did! But…my WebCam has apparently decided to synch my voice out of step with the picture. So it looks like a really bad B-grade dubbed



Oh, man, I miss David Bowie. Anyway, you’ll be seeing some changes around the site as we streamline it and make it more mobile friendly. My trusty assistant, Samwise, is hard on the job and we hope to have everything


A Complete and Final Clarification on the Whisper Hollow & Fly By Night Series

Okay, I’m going to clarify this again because I keep getting blog questions and emails and Facebook questions and not all of them are very polite (in fact, a few we have deleted because I will not be the target


Answer About Books on Hiatus

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about when I can write more in the series that Berkley and Diversion still have. Here are some facts as to why that won’t happen for awhile. One: the ONLY reason I’m