Jenn here wishing you all a very happy Monday! Here is this week’s excerpt from Darkness Raging, out February 2, 2016.

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“You’re right.” I glanced over at Roz. “Quit pretending you’re asleep, dude. I know you aren’t.”

He grinned and opened his eyes. “Right. I’m not.”

“Will you hold hope with us, Roz?” I caught his gaze, challenging him.

He let out a soft breath, looking out the windows. “If I didn’t hold hope for the future, I would have let Dredge kill me when I was young. I would have thrown myself on my sword when Zeus and Hera destroyed my marriage. If I didn’t have any hope for the future, I’d be long gone, leaving all of you in the dust. It’s because of you that I believe we can make it through this. Without the three of you . . . with-out Iris and all the others, there is no defense. So we have to believe we can defeat him.”

When put like that, it was even simpler. I smiled softly and leaned back as the carriage wound through the streets. It wasn’t far to the palace, but there had been so much destruction that we were taking detours right and left.

“Sing something for us, Menolly.” Iris leaned close to me. “Sing us a song . . . you have such a beautiful voice.”

I was about to say no, but then decided what the hell. Why not? After thinking for a moment, I remembered a song that Sephreh— our father— had sung to us when we were children. It had been called “Courage, My Child,” and Father had always sung it to us the night before he had to leave for a mission, the nights when we were so afraid he wouldn’t come back.

“There are times in the world when you must raise your sword,

When peace is lying in tatters.

There are times in this world when you must go to war,

Before all hope is shattered.

So listen to me, my child, my love,

Courage— in your heart must be burning.

The gods will watch from the heavens above,

And the world will go right on turning.

“In the heart of the wood, an oracle speaks,

She tells you of death and destruction,

But in the heart of the world, a single drum beats,

And the light finds a pathway to shine in.

So listen to me my child, my love,

Hope— in your heart must be burning.

The gods will watch from heavens above,

And the world will go right on turning.”

I let the words drift away as we pulled into what had been the courtyard of the palace. Every wall had been shattered, so much marble into dust, but the bodies had been moved and buried, and the moonlight shimmered down on the scene, a melancholy and eerie sentinel from above.

“Why are we meeting here? I thought they moved headquarters to a secret area.”

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Darkness Raging Excerpt
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3 thoughts on “Darkness Raging Excerpt

  • 01/20/2016 at 6:24 am

    I’m SO excited for the new book and your new projects!

  • 01/19/2016 at 9:40 am

    I love the 3 sisters and all their families and friends. I’m ready for the next adventure.

  • 01/19/2016 at 7:13 am

    I’m really looking forward to it!!


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