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Tarot Journeys by Yasmine Galenorn

Available in e-format for the first time!

Follow the Fool’s Journey as you seek to both understand the Major Arcana of the tarot as well as transform your own life. Originally published in 1999 and now available in e-format for the very first time, Tarot Journeys leads you on a journey of growth and understanding. Twenty-two guided meditations–one for each card of the Major Arcana–lead you in transforming the cycles of your life and understanding the patterns that make up your own personal hero’s journey.

From the beginning–the Fool–where all choices are possible, to the end–the Universe/World, where the journey has been traveled, choices made, and now a new cycle awaits–Tarot Journeys uses Pagan archetypical symbology and the tarot to lead you through your inner labyrinth, to a new awareness of who you are and what your purpose in life is.

New York Times bestselling author Yasmine Galenorn has been a shamanic witch, Pagan, and priestess in the Craft since 1980. With Tarot Journeys, she revisits her early published work, and offers her readers a new chance to read her nonfiction.

Available for: KINDLE, NOOK, iTUNES, and KOBO


On other news–remember the other day I blogged about not being able to get the company to tell me what was in their ketchup so I could know if I had to avoid it, because I thought I’d had a reaction to it?

Well, I FINALLY got them to talk to me. But, instead of showing me a list of ingredients for their Westbrae Unsweetened Ketchup, they insisted that I give them a list of things I couldn’t have. Paranoia about corporate theft seems to run deep, I guess. Anyway, I did, and it turns out the ‘natural flavorings’ and ‘spices’ contain several allergens I can’t have, including two big ones: cayenne and yeast extract. Sooooo…I DID find out that yes, one of my recurring reactions that I’ve been suspecting comes from the ketchup, does, and it’s getting worse. So now I’m going to make my own version of ketchup so I know it’s safe.

This brings me to a pet peeve/rant about labeling laws. I want to see everything in there, and if not on the bottle, clearly marked on their website. Not all allergens are in the Big 8…and foods like yeast and spices can cause havoc for a lot of people. Anyway, now I’m adding what I thought was a safe ketchup to my unsafe list (boy has it jumped lately).

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Tarot Journeys Release, and Update on the Ketchup Allergy Issue
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One thought on “Tarot Journeys Release, and Update on the Ketchup Allergy Issue

  • 06/13/2016 at 3:03 pm

    I feel ya. I’m allergic to peppers — even green bell peppers. I never know what I’m getting into when a label says “some spices.” It irks the crap out of me. I just want to eat a meal without mouth blisters, shortness of breath, and face swelling, ffs.


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