Fury's Magic

We’re coming up on the release of FURY’S MAGIC–so here’s another excerpt for you!

“Fury? Fury?”

The voice sounded familiar and safe, and I struggled against the fog that held me captive. Trying to move, I let out a long groan as pain knifed through every muscle of my body. I couldn’t pinpoint where it originated, but there it was, strong and vibrant and richly colored, turning the fog encasing me a brilliant crimson.

“Fury, can you hear me?”

Once again, I responded to the voice, trying desperately to follow it to consciousness. Finally, I saw the thread—a gentle blue light in the midst of all the bloody red—and latched hold of it, journeying past the pain, past the aching that enveloped my body and clouded my thoughts.

“Fury, you’re scaring me…”

And then, I opened my eyes. Well, one eye. The other felt welded shut. I blurrily stared up at Jason, who was kneeling beside me. Hans was on the other side, and they seemed to be checking me over. I felt a prod here or there, but everything hurt and I couldn’t be sure if they were poking my bruises or if the bruises were just pissed off and throbbing.

I struggled to form words. “Hurts. Every…thing…hurts.”

“I know it does, love. I know. Come on, honey, we’ve got to get you to a medic. Can you move at all?” His voice was soft, but the look on his face was dark and clouded. I knew that look—it meant Jason was pissed as hell and wanted to kill. I had only seen it a few times, but the sentiment was unmistakable.

Hans glanced over me to Jason. “We should take her to Sarinka. She’s close. She lives on the outskirts of the Trips, only a few blocks away.”

Sarinka was a healer who worked in Darktown two days a week, giving out free medical help. The rest of the time, she worked from home. She specialized in healing acute wounds and injuries, and while she wasn’t a recognized doctor, she was a certified mender.

“Good idea. Today’s one of her days at home, too, so it’s not terribly far. I know she’s broken a few bones but I don’t think her spine was fractured and she’s moving her head, so her neck wasn’t broken. Why don’t you carry her while I grab her sword.” Jason eased back. “Unless you think we should bring Sarinka here?”

“We can’t be sure. Just to be on the safe side, let me fetch Sarinka. Meanwhile, you keep your guard up. Whoever did this might come back to finish the job.” Hans vanished from my field of vision.

“Jason…” Breathing was hard, and so was talking. My ribs felt like kindling. But I wanted to tell him to check the graveyard—to see what the Abom had buried.

“Hush. Not another word.”


“No, be quiet.” He firmly pressed one finger to my lips. “You’re hurt, Fury. You’ll live, but whoever did this meant to hurt you. You need to lie quietly until Sarinka gets here.”

I thought about asking Queet in whisper-speak to tell Jason, but I couldn’t focus enough to manage it. Finally, I gave up and slid back into the void that yawned around me.

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Fury’s Magic Excerpt
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