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Q: Who is the most challenging character to write and why?

A: Well, there are several. In Otherworld, it has to be Delilah. She’s the least like me, for one thing. And she annoyed me crazy-bad for the first few books. She seemed so naive and so tentative. But as she grew, it became easier to work with her. I don’t think she’ll ever be my favorite, but I admire the way she has risen to the challenges I set forth for her, and now I actually can have fun with her. I also am much happier with her relationship with Shade than I was when she was with Chase—they were so unsuited for one another.

Q: Which perfume/scent matches each main character?

A: With a cast of thousands, I think I’ll limit myself to the main female characters!

  • Camille: An intoxicating scent—a mixture of peach, vanilla, and musk.
  • Delilah: Something light, probably a delicate powder scent.
  • Menolly: A citrus scent, with orange or bergamot.
  • Nerissa: Vanilla, toffee, caramel scents.
  • Shimmer: An ocean breeze scent, with a touch of camphor or eucalyptus.
  • Cicely: Peppermint and wintergreen.
  • Rhiannon: A warm, rose scent.
  • Kerris: An earthy, spicy scent with hints of, pumpkin, cinnamon, and apple.
  • Fury: A mixture of amber and musk.
  • Maudlin: (Yes, you’ll meet her soon in Blood Music) Narcissus and musk and leather.

Q: Describe a day in the life of Yasmine Galenorn.

A: I’m afraid it’s far less glamorous than most people think. Okay, here’s how my day generally goes, though there are a lot of variables and “work” involves SO MANY THINGS—not just writing:

  • Wake up around 6:30–7:00 AM. Get dressed (I never work in a nightgown—not comfortable hanging around without being dressed).
  • Turn on computer, then head to Fred, my espresso machine. Feed cats if Sam hasn’t fed them.
  • Clutching caffeine and some semblance of breakfast, head back to computer. Run brush through hair.
  • Morning meditation for 15 minutes in front of a Youtube video of a flowing stream, while Apple usually curls up in his blanket in my arms.
  • Get to work. Glance at email, only answer any immediate concerns. Put on makeup if I feel like it.
  • On days Andria comes in, by now she’s usually here and we spend a few minutes going over what she needs to do. If I’ve gotten up late due to an allergy reaction or something, she’ll get my coffee and breakfast for me.
  • Get to work.
  • Deal with interruptions. Work. Get interrupted again. Work. Stop to go to bathroom. Work. Get distracted by research and realize I’m wasting time.
  • At some point, realize I forgot to eat lunch. Eat something. Talk to cats.
  • Try to avoid getting derailed by the Social Media distraction train.
  • Work. Talk to cats. Deal with interruption. Work. Deal with interruption.
  • Time for afternoon caffeine!!!
  • Have hissy fit over something that just triggers my soap box (TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP).
  • Say goodbye to Andria when she leaves.
  • Either go make dinner or decide that I need to work and let Sam make dinner when he comes home. On Mondays and Thursdays, stop at 6:00 to get ready for workout with my workout partner.
  • By 8:30 PM I’m usually hanging out on the bed, watching TV.
  • Quick shower. To bed by midnight—earlier if I can manage it.

Some days, I wake up at 4:00 and can’t sleep. I’ll get up, work, then go back to bed around 7:00 and sleep for an hour or so. Some days I have a chiropractor appointment in the morning. And now and then, I just say fuck it and play a video game. Some days Sam and I eat together for dinner, other days we eat while we’re working. Some days I need to get out of the house so we go down to the lakefront to watch the water.

Q: Which character do you most relate to?

A: Well, I relate to most of my main characters in one way or another. I relate to all my main female characters in their strength and that they will not be controlled—they own their own bodies, they make their own choices, and they choose their own paths. As for individuals: Camille is a lot like me, and so is Kerris. But Menolly—she has my temper. Delilah is my love of cats. Peggin has my retro style. Camille, Kerris, and Fury all share my connection with magick and the gods.

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Answering Reader Questions!
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  • 11/08/2016 at 8:22 pm

    Thank you for answering questions. We
    Love You and All your different characters and worlds


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