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Projected Release Date: January 31, 2017 E-Format  (Print format will be shortly after, if not concurrently).

I peered out into the icy night. It was snowing outside, and didn’t look like it was going to stop any time soon. For one thing, plenty of Winter Fae lived here and they attracted all that went along with the Winter Court. For another, Bedlam—the island—was located on the northernmost tip of the San Juan Islands, northwest of Ferndale. Winter was a lot harsher here than down on the southern islands. This storm, fresh off the westerly winds, was blanketing us with snow.

The twinkle of faerie lights shimmered from my balcony. I loved them, and kept them up year-round, but in the snow, they glowed with a gentle radiance that always made me feel calmer. Except right now, with Bubba hissing like a wildcat.

“What’s out there, Bub?” I leaned against the window, cupping the glass as I pressed my face against it. I couldn’t see anything, but Bubba seemed positive there was something out there.

He glanced up at me. “Mrowf.”

That wasn’t good. I knew that meow. He had constantly used it on Craig—my ex. It usually meant “enemy at the gate.”

“Who’s out there? Bubba?” I knelt down by him, trying to make out any movements outside. But only the snow seemed to be moving—falling with intense precision.

Bubba nosed the window and I followed his gaze. In the faint glow of the lights on the snow, I could see what looked like footprints in the snow. Someone had been outside my bedroom on the balcony, and I knew those weren’t my footprints. I hadn’t been out there since morning and the snow had covered what prints I had left.

“Mrowf.” Louder, this time, Bubba sounded pissed. His eyes flashed and I could feel the magic rising.

“Let me get—” I stopped as I turned to see Aegis and Sandy edging into the room. “Hey, come over here. Bubba’s upset. Someone was out on the balcony. I can see the footprints.”

“Do you think it was Ralph?” Sandy pressed her face against the glass.

I winced. I had hoped to wait for a better time to tell Aegis that Ralph Greyhoof had seen me naked. Somehow, I didn’t think that would go over very well.

“Ralph? Ralph who and why would he be outside your bedroom window?” Aegis already didn’t sound happy and he didn’t even know who we were talking about.

I cleared my throat. “I don’t think those are his prints. They look like shoe prints, not hoof prints.”

“Are you talking about Ralph Greyhoof? Why would he be outside your bedroom window?” Aegis was looming now, an edge in his voice that I had only heard the first time we had met. But back then, there had been arousal as well. Now he just sounded pissed.

“Um…I was going to tell you about that. Ralph showed up in the bathroom as I was taking a shower—”

“Bathroom? You were in the shower? If he touched one hair on your head I’ll drink him down and he’ll feel every drop as I drain him dry!” Aegis whirled, stalking to the door.

“Stop and listen to me, you big lug. Ralph didn’t touch me. He was trying to steal my hair out of my hair brush.” I paused. That didn’t sound much better, given what it meant.

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Bewitching Bedlam Excerpt

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  • 01/06/2017 at 10:28 am

    Oohhhh this just gets better and better¡ so looking forward to drop date.


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