So every Wednesday we’re looking for things that make the week a happier place. Well, this week, I’m feeling more optimistic and I’m not sure why, but hey, I’ll take it. Plus, we planted primroses last week in the plant towers (going to fill them in with ivy soon) and primroses always make me smile. Plus, people are loving Bewitching Bedlam, and it’s selling, and that makes me happy.

What this week has brought a smile to your face? Let’s get some positive vibes going!

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Happy Hump Day!
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One thought on “Happy Hump Day!

  • 02/22/2017 at 2:30 pm

    Here is Central IL we’re enjoying very unseasonable weather – it’s warm!!! As in, don’t bother with any type of jacket!! Woot! The weatherman is telling us to get outside while you can – winter is coming back Friday evening with possible severe thunderstorms and highs in the lower 30s with a chance of snow on Saturday.


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