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It’s time for Reader Questions again!

Q: Have you considered a series about Vanzir and Rozurial?

A: No, but you can find stories about them in Otherworld Tales (which contains the two Men of Otherworld collections). I’m afraid that will have to do. 🙂

Q: Do you have any plans to post any new low carb recipes that you’ve made lately?

A: Unfortunately, I’m unable to eat as low carb as I was. Because of the histamine intolerance (HIT), it’s impossible for me to keep enough ready protein on hand for snacks—I can’t eat anything that isn’t freshly cooked. And because I’ve been cut off from eating fish, pork, and bacon, tomatoes, and several other veggies, I need to vary my foods as much as I can. So I’ve added in occasional rice products, sweet potatoes, lots of squash, and the fruits that are safe for me. My recipes that I can post—and I will—won’t be as low carb as they were, overall, but they will be allergy safe and friendly for HIT sufferers. They *will* be quite healthy. I plan to start doing one blog post a month with recipes in it.

Q: If you could live in one of your worlds, only one, which one would you pick?

A: That’s difficult. I really don’t want to live in a world filled with demons trying to break in, or in a world where vampires rule the roost, so that cuts out Otherworld/Fly By Night, and Indigo Court. I already live in a world similar to Chiqetaw (Chintz ‘n China), and I’m not that far off from Whisper Hollow—but I’m not all that fond of dealing with ghosts. I’m not at all interested in a world without magic (Bath and Body). Fury Unbound is gritty and while things are changing, I don’t think I’d survive well in Fury’s world. That leaves Bewitching Bedlam—a fun, madcap, somewhat dangerous but very magical world.

So there’s my answer: Bewitching Bedlam. I think I’d have a lot of fun in Maddy’s altaverse!

Q: Out of all your works, which man (only one), would you choose and why?

A: You know, if he wasn’t a vampire, Aegis—he loves cats, he cooks, he’s devoted to Maddy. Tam is definitely a contender, though, from my Fury Unbound Series. I am growing to like him more and more.

While I love all of Camille’s men, they’re a bit too alpha for me. And Shade—I like him but he’s not my type. Neither is Roman or Nerissa. Bryan from Whisper Hollow and Alex from FBN? Still not quite right for me.

But…I have to admit, I wouldn’t give up Samwise for any of my heroes. Sam adores me, after 24 years we still have passion and love for one another, we help each other. We’re well-suited. So, none of them. Because I already found my hero and I can’t imagine trading him in.

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Reader Questions
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One thought on “Reader Questions

  • 06/05/2017 at 9:10 pm

    It is so lovely to hear you talk about Samwise! He’s super hot, on top of all that other good stuff. Does he still have long hair? It was such a treat when you posted a pic of him a few years ago. I couldn’t help thinking he was the looks inspiration for Smoky?? I mean all of this in the most respectful, supportive, fan girl way possible. We love to see you are treated well and happy. A true mate can allow us to meet our true potential. As a writer; and learner of all things magic, you are so educated. I really admire that.


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