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COMING JUNE 20, 2017

The Peninsula of the Gods was more than the land it sat on. The actual structure was a massive, mile long, paved section of the peninsula. Rectangular in shape, it was tiered, much like giant rice paddies. With five main tiers leading down into the bottom, the rain was caught in a pond at the very center, where the excess water was circulated out to avoid flooding. The catchment system was used to provide water for the city parks.

Every level held a number of temples spaced evenly apart. And on every level, there were mini-malls placed on all four sides, offering food courts, restrooms, and elevators for supplicants who couldn’t manage the steep flights of stairs running from the top down to the bottom. Spacious sidewalks ran in continuous motion around every tier, providing an easy ride to the temple of your choice.

We passed by Temple Valhalla, where Hans and Greta veered off. They waved, promising to text us as soon as they were free. Tyrell headed toward one of the empty admin buildings that the Celts had taken over for the interim.

Naós ton Theón was on the third level, near the elevators. With the stairs being so slick, we opted to take the car down. As Elan, Laren, Kendall, and Tam joined me in the lift, I pushed the button, feeling so adrift. Everything seemed normal—I was going to visit Hecate—and yet, nothing was the same. Our world had tipped upside down within such a short space that I was beginning to feel dizzy just thinking about it.

Queet suddenly appeared. Fury, I’m so glad you’re here. Hecate’s waiting for you.

I’m glad we made it back, too. I’m worn out, Queet. Too much change in too little time.

Hang on to your hat, Fury. There’s more change coming.

That isn’t very comforting.

At that moment we reached the temple. Naós ton Theón gleamed against the falling snow, its cool marble dappled with gray veins. Four stories high, the temple was a glorious structure. The section of the stairs leading up to the massive doors were clear of snow. There was no line by the M&M detector—metal and magic. Built to screen troublesome zealots who might have a grudge against the gods, it was usually manned by two priests. Now, four stood guard.

I motioned for the others to get in line with me. “We’re here to see Hecate. Well, Kendall is here to see Athena. These are our friends.”

The priest was one I recognized. He motioned for Kendall and me to place our hands on the touch screen, but didn’t bother with the others. “They alerted us you were coming. Is this all of your party?”

I shook my head. “Two had to visit their gods in Temple Valhalla, one is over at the makeshift Celtic temple, and one is checking out the news at the cafes around the peninsula. They may be coming by if we take longer than they do.” I gave the priests their names.

“Go on in.” The priest waved us through and even though we set off the alarms on the detector, they just motioned for us to continue.

“That’s not a good sign,” I said as we headed into the great hall. “They always check for weapons and magic.”

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Excerpt: Fury Awakened
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  • 06/09/2017 at 10:28 am

    So cannot wait for this next installation in the series. Love it.


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