Hello everyone! Jennifer, Yasmine’s assistant, here again. Yasmine and I were talking about the summer activities I have planned for this year and decided I should do a post about them.

My biggest pet peeve is when I hear, “Mom I’m bored,” so to combat that I go online to find things going on during the summer in my area. We also make plans as a family on somethings we’d like to do together while school is out. In the past it wasn’t too hard since my daughter was always busy with Special Olympics summer sports, but I recently made the choice for us to step back from that to pursue some other activities.

While school was still in session my daughter and I got involved in a martial arts class near us, and we are continuing that. My daughter is currently an orange belt, which is the fourth level, and I am a gold belt about to be promoted to orange belt. We do this twice a week and both of us enjoy this class a lot. It is helping to teach my daughter to not only defend herself but discipline as well. She has grown more confident in herself as we’ve progressed through this class and our teacher and myself couldn’t be more proud of her.

I also found out about different things that our local library has planned for the teens in town. They have a weekly Teen Legion activity where they will do different things such as crafts and discussing books. They will also have a class in learning stage magic, stage fighting, and more. My daughter has been looking forward to these since we found out about them. Our library also has the teens come and audition for a play they will be doing later in the summer. My daughter did this and she got a small but very funny part in it. They will be doing an adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream which should be a lot of fun. My daughter also joined the library’s summer reading program which challenges her to read different books and use different resources from the library to get prizes.

The library here doesn’t just have fun things for the kids and teens though. They also have some really cool things planned for adults as well. I have already gone to one of four cooking courses being offered and will be going for several other things as well. They offer an adult coloring night, a book club, and more. I have also joined the adult summer reading challenge which is similar to what the teens and kids do. It is a lot of fun and offers me a chance to do something just for me during the summer as well.

Being in Texas the rodeo is a big deal here, and our rodeo is always done in June. One of the local churches here puts on a special rodeo called the Exceptional Rodeo for kids and adults with special needs. My daughter was as always excited to do this and had a great time. She got to ride horses, ride a mechanical bull, pet show animals, and more. They give them shirts, cowboy hats, and all kinds of little goodies as well. We had a great time with it and we look forward to doing it again next year.

Since we live in a small town just outside a city we are planning a couple of family trips to the city. We plan to go to the zoo at least once if not more during the summer. We are trying to figure out where our schedule will be open so that we can do some museums or something of that nature as well. We will also be enjoying the pool in our apartments as much as we can.

So that’s our summer activities in a nut shell. What kinds of activities do you have planned for the summer?


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Brain Candy Friday: Summer Activities
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