Today’s excerpt comes from Blood Vengeance.

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A motley crew, the Boys of Bedlam ran to the genres of sexy darkwave and goth folk. Recently they had actually caught the notice of an indie producer and were scheduled to make another demo when we got back to Bedlam. I joked about being Aegis’s groupie, but truth was, the band was good and their music was catching on. Aegis had both the voice and the eye candy to draw in the crowds.


M-row?” Bubba leaped down to the floor, wrapping himself around my legs.


“I don’t know, Bubba. Aegis should be back soon.” But an odd fluttering in my stomach told me that a practical joke wasn’t behind the mysterious note. I tried to push it away. I was actually tired of paying attention to all the hunches that had haunted me lately. I just wanted to relax, have sex, eat calorie laden goodies, and forget about the stress of the past month.


Bubba let out a purp. “Mrow?”


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Excerpts: Blood Vengeance

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