So, it’s a constant struggle to get the cats to the vet. Except for Apple. He’s a dork, he gets in the carrier and then figures out afterward that it’s a bad idea when the doors close. But he never remembers and I pray to Bast this little ball o’fluff never figures it out.

But with the others, I have to develop new strategies from time to time and then hope I can get them to the carrier, in it, AND close the top loader without them getting free. My new strategies last a few times, before they recognize the signs. This morning, Morgan had caught on to the new one and so it was Apple only for nail trims.

Which brings me to the thought: how often do I end up doing the same thing over and regretting it, before recognizing the pattern? It makes me want to look at my ever-optimistic hope that this time, something will be different. This time, it will work.

*grins* My current pattern I want to break is over committing myself to various things. I continually wax optimistic that nothing will interfere, life won’t intervene. So what sneaky little habits do you want to break? Do you think you can figure out your triggers for them?

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Brain Candy Friday
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One thought on “Brain Candy Friday

  • 09/30/2017 at 6:40 pm

    We have the same problem with our fur children. Jewel is the only one who lets us put her in the carrier without a problem. Habits are a pain in the butt! I only eat chocolate when I’m stressed. I over plan and try to help any way I can sometimes to much. I then eat so much chocolate I end up with a stomach ache. I no longer keep any in the house,or my purse, or cash for a vending machine. I carry healthy snacks in my purse and only buy them for my home, I have a post it on my wallet saying “NO CANDY or TUMMY ACHE”. It’s the best I’ve come up with to try and break the habit.


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