Today’s excerpt comes from Blood Vengeance.

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The elevator was slow, so I took the stairs, leaping up them two at a time. I wasn’t in great shape, but adrenaline can fuel even the most lethargic of people. I burst through the door to the third floor. There, on the floor in front of our room, lay Aegis. He looked roughed up, with bruises on his face. They would heal quickly, but then I saw the silver spike sticking out of his side. Silver was like poison to vampires.


“Oh, hell!” I rushed toward him, fumbling for my keycard to unlock the door. At the same time, I hit the voice-to-text and screamed out, Keth, get up here. Bring the boys. Our room. Obviously, I was garbling my words because the actual text that I sent read, Kith, get up in me. Bring the boys. Are you a room?


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Excerpts: Blood Vengeance

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