Today’s excerpt comes from TIGER TAILS.


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“This is Sandy. Clauson. Is everything all right?”


“Ms. Clauson, tomorrow is the Seventh Term’s elemental nature hike. We still haven’t received your written permission for Jenna to accompany the class.”


Oh crap. Last night I kept thinking I had forgotten something, and now I knew what. Jenna was my ward—at least temporarily. Derry, a friend of mine, had undertaken a world tour that would last at least two years. She hadn’t wanted to drag her daughter all over Timbuktu and beyond, so I had agreed to oversee Jenna’s welfare. Jenna lived at the Neverfall Academy for Gifted Students, and I had temporary custody. I was still getting used to the Mom thing, though I doubted I’d ever win any accolades for mother-of-the-year. While Jenna lived at the academy, she would be staying with me on some weekends. I wasn’t sure exactly how it would work out, But Derry had chosen me and nobody else but me, so I was determined to return her daughter to her in one, happy, well-adjusted piece.



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