I’ve got a massive backlist out there, but I’m focusing mostly on my indie releases now, which a lot of my readers haven’t heard of yet. So we’re going to be putting up excerpts of the indie work I’ve done—both full length and short collections, each Wednesday, to encourage you to give my new work a try.


Today’s excerpt comes from Fury Awakened.

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I wanted to smack that smug look off his face but bit my tongue. Finally, I felt controlled enough to speak. “We need someone who’s been inside their village. Someone who knows the layout. Where do you think they would be keeping the girl?”


“How should we know? We trade with them but we aren’t buddy-buddies.” Once again, Shay was just on the edge of vicious.


I glanced over at Tera, who was staring at him with a bitter, resigned look on her face.


“Maybe we’re going about this wrong,” Hans spoke up. “What do the wolf-shifters value most? What would they give just about anything to have?”


Shay frowned. “We tried to negotiate—”


“I doubt that. I imagine you offered them something reasonable, something you might offer for the return of a lost cloak. I’m talking about ransom. Something you really don’t want to pay, perhaps? Now, what have they ever asked for that you refused to give them?” Hans was burly, and when he leaned across the table, Shay pulled back.


Shay remained silent, but as Tera spoke up, he flashed her a warning stare.


“Yes, there is something they want that we’ve consistently refused them. We have in our midst a magician who can make cull-fire. They want us to teach them.”


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