Today’s excerpt comes from Siren’s Song.


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When Rose had been murdered in my garden and, during the subsequent investigation, the High Priestess had vanished and the coven leadership passed to me. I knew Linda was in the Witches Protection Program, but I couldn’t tell anybody. And, even though I had been one of the founding members it didn’t mean that I kept up to date on every coven member’s life. But Tanith and I had always gotten along, so I wasn’t expecting trouble. However, for the past few months—ever since our Ostara ritual in March—she had become distant and moody, arguing with me during meetings.


“I suppose I need to have a talk with her. I can’t let resentment fester.”


Again, Angus looked slightly uncomfortable. “I think she’s having problems at home. Her husband isn’t doing much to help out with the kid, and she not only has to work a day job, but she has to come home and take care of the house and their child. I think she’s just overwhelmed with responsibilities.”


Tanith had married a human, and they had a two-year old. I didn’t know much about her private life, but that could explain a lot.

I nodded. “Thanks, I’ll walk softly, but she needs to talk to me. I suppose that’s part of my job now. I haven’t really been paying much attention to anything outside the rituals and trying to sort out the books. Linda left the coven files in a bit of a mess and it’s all because…”


I paused, not wanting to say too much. There were certain things the coven was better off not knowing about. And the fact that Linda’s files were a mess because she had been in collusion with Essie Vanderbilt, the queen of the Pacific Northwest Vampire Nation, was one of them. Regardless of the reason—and it had been a good one—Linda had sold the coven short.


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Excerpt: Siren’s Song
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