Today’s excerpt comes from Siren’s Song.


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Crap. I glanced at the clock. It was noon. I had called Max to let him know that, unless it was an emergency, I was going to have to take a rain check for the rest of the day. Sandy would understand. She had met my mother.



Zara Gallowglass was the bane of my life. She wanted me to find ‘the right man’ and settle down to be a ‘quiet witch’ who never made waves. Decreed by the queen of making waves. My mother had driven my father out after he had nearly died. He was out in the forest, hunting, when a pack of wild dogs attacked him. They almost did him in, and it was only through the grace of the gods that a friend heard the noise and saved his life.



But Father had healed slowly, and my mother had continually badgered him about his carelessness, and how she had to carry the family on her back. Finally, he took a job with the Society Magicka and vanished into the network. Even back then, the society watched over witches worldwide, and their agents were often on the go. Father had moved out and never returned. I had kept what contact with him that I could—I loved my father—but it had been decades since he had last come up for air.



I never told my mother I knew where he was. It felt like I’d be betraying him. And I never forgave my mother for being the shrew she had. I had left home as early as I could. When I took up with my sweet Tom, my mother had tried to come between us. She saw him as intractable and he refused to bend to her will. And he made me feel free.



I rubbed my head. Aegis wouldn’t be home before Zara got here, not unless I lucked out and he discovered some magical portal. Vampires could fly and travel as a mist, as well, but even they couldn’t break the speed of light.


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Excerpt: Siren’s Song
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