I’ve got a massive backlist out there, but I’m focusing mostly on my indie releases now, which a lot of my readers haven’t heard of yet. So we’re going to be putting up excerpts of the indie work I’ve done—both full length and short collections, each Wednesday, to encourage you to give my new work a try.


Today’s excerpt comes from Bewitching Bedlam.

Bewitching Bedlam cover

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Bjorn Kitsa, a fox shifter—also known as a kitsune—was my real estate agent and friend. He was flamboyant, gay, and fabulous. Bjorn wore designer suits to tennis matches, he drove a Jaguar, but beneath that snobby, elitist exterior, he had a heart of gold. He worked with the local food bank, was on the board of a nonprofit children’s cancer society, and had personally paid off four mortgages belonging to aging widows who would otherwise have been thrown out of their homes. The latter was only known to a few of us, and he had pledged us to secrecy.

Bjorn was six-two, lean and fit, and he had a shocking head of red hair that tumbled to mid-back. He had his father’s striking green eyes, and his mother’s porcelain complexion. His mother had been Norwegian, his father was Irish. He wore both heritages with pride.

“Maddy, love. What’s up?” he asked as I peeked into his office. He owned the Bedlam Realty office and was determined that every customer who walked through the door would be treated with respect and leave satisfied, even if he determined he couldn’t help them. To that end, Bjorn had endeared himself to other real estate agents around the area and they sent a surprising amount of business his way.

“I just want to talk over a few of the licensing aspects of owning a B&B—make certain that I have everything filled out correctly. You have some time?”

“For you, I have all the time in the world.” He motioned to the chair opposite his and we dove into business.

An hour later, I slid into my car, ready to head home. But all the way, I had the strange feeling I was being followed. I glanced in my rear mirror several times, but saw nothing.

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Backlist Blitz Excerpt: Bewitching Bedlam

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