Today I have a lovely post all about the GDPR as relating to our site. We’ve made it as compliant as we can figure out. We’ve also decided to add registration to our site for those who want to comment on the blog. This will allow you to control your profile and to know what info we’re collecting, and to further cut down on spam! I’d love to see the community here grow. Anyway, here’s how you go about registering as a subscriber to the site. On the sidebar you will see: Site Registration for New Users. Click on New User Registration and it will offer you the chance to sign up. You will receive an email confirmation letter (this will come from our site gmail address). This may take a little time, we’ve discovered. So give it a couple hours if you don’t get it right away. On receiving the email, you will receive a link to click–once you do, you can set your password and preferences. In case you don’t see the form–it’s on the sidebar.

Blog subscription screenshot

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