Today’s excerpt comes from Harvest Song.

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As I lowered myself into the trance that would allow me to move through dimensions into the realm of Haseofon, the room became very still. At first all I could hear was Camille’s breathing and my own, and then finally, all I could hear was the beat of my heart, slow and rhythmic, calm and quiet.

I summoned up the image of the path in my mind, envisioning the jungle that I knew so well. Usually I traversed this route as Panther, but tonight I would make it in my two legged form. All around me, the verdant greenery burgeoned out, a perpetual explosion of twining vines and brilliant trees overshadowing me. The pungent scent of soil rose to meet my nostrils, and I shivered. While most jungles were hot, this one had a constant chill to it, like the edge of a cool autumn morning when the mist rolled down the mountain to cover the valley below.

Along the path, stones and twigs crunched under my feet as I hurried along, listening to the scuffling sounds in the undergrowth. Birds and animals abounded here, although I seldom saw them when I was Panther. Then, they hid from me, fearing for their lives. But today, I caught a glimpse of a fox beneath a low hanging bush, and a brilliant bluebird flying overhead, and to my left, a skunk padded along through the undergrowth, followed by her babies, unconcerned with my presence.

The sky was covered by a layer of clouds, although here and there a shaft of sun pierced the blanket. I could feel the edge of rain hovering on the outskirts.

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Excerpt: Harvest Song
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