Hello everyone, Jennifer here with today’s blog post for you. Yasmine asked me to share some ideas with you all about fun summer activities to do with kids.


My daughter and I are both already signed up for our library’s summer reading program where we earn rewards for reading. They also have lots of fun events scheduled for adults, teens, and kids. We will participate in several of those as well. We like to do these because they are inside and are always fun. So be sure to check your local library to see what all they offer for summer.


Yesterday we participated in a special needs rodeo event called the Exceptional Rodeo. A local church here puts on this event every year for our community to give special needs kids and adults a chance to enjoy participating in rodeo events. We will also later this month go to another event where we will play games and eat tacos. These are just a couple of the things we found on our community calendar that we wanted to enjoy. I strongly recommend seeing what your community has planned for your area. A lot of times these activities are free and so much fun.

Another very popular idea is swimming or going to a water park. My daughter and I went with my sister and her fiancé to a local water park recently. We had so much fun going down slides and just enjoying the water. I think we are planning at least one more trip to the water park, but we plan to spend a lot of time at our pool as well. If you don’t have a pool just having fun with a water hose, water guns, or something like that can be tons of fun as well.

We also do a family game day. That’s a day that as a family we play multiplayer video games and board games together. This is a good family bonding activity as well. We work to cheer each other on and we share lots of laughs. Also in the same vein we also do family movie night where we pop some popcorn and each of us picks a movie for us to watch together. We do enjoy doing a lot of things together and that I think adds a lot of fun to not just our summer but our whole year.


We are planning a trip to our local zoo and our local botanical garden. These are always a great plan and we learn something new every time we go. We are still working on figuring out which local museums we want to go to. We are lucky we live near two of the biggest cities in our state so there are lots of museums to choose from. I recommend if you have little kids to find your local science or child museum to go to. They usually have lots of fun interactive exhibits where the kids learn some really cool stuff.

Camping out in your backyard can be a lot of fun too. It is camping with the convenience of being close to home just in case the kiddos get scared to stay outside. If you don’t have a backyard an alternative is to camp out in the living room of your home. You can throw down some sleeping bags and make a tent using blankets. These are great ideas when you can’t get away to go camping at a campground due to work, health issues, etc.


Check your area to see if you might have a “Pick your own” type of farm or visit a local farmer’s market. These are great ways to learn about farming and what kinds of fruits and veggies are grown in your area. Plus you can come home with some tasty things to cook up together. Also baking cookies or just cooking dinner together can be a great way to enjoy some bonding as well.

These are just a few things to help you with planning your summer activities. When doing outside activities please remember to use sun screen and to reapply as needed to avoid sunburns. Staying hydrated is also important so be sure to keep lots of water on hand.


I hope everyone has a terrific fun filled summer!

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Fun Summer Kid Activities
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  • 06/08/2018 at 9:23 am

    Thanks Jenn!
    Great ideas. Wishing you a wonderful summer. Tell Kira we send our love.


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