Moon Phases

Tomorrow’s the Full moon, at 9:53 PM. In some traditions, it’s known as the Faerie Moon.

June: Faerie Moon

June. Faerie Magic and foxglove. Seashells and weddings. This month let us turn to the oceans, lakes and streams for our inspiration. We will cast a spell for peace and happiness this full moon.

Decorate your altar with a pale blue cloth and a pair of golden candles. Light the candles, cast a circle and invoke Aphrodite, foam-born Goddess of the Sea. Now take a glass gallon jar and spread a layer of blue aquarium gravel in the bottom. Atop the gravel, layer quartz crystals, silver beads, and seashells of varying sizes in a decorative manner.

Fill the jar with water, and tint a pale aqua. Cap the jar tightly. Focus on the thought of peace and happiness filling your life, entering your house, and say:

Ocean Mother, Father Sun
Let my will now be done
To this spell bring joy and love
Roses wild, gentle doves
Aphrodite smile down on me,
As I will so mote it be.

Set the jar out under the morning sunlight and leave to collect the rays of brilliant light from this, the most joyous of months.

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June: The Faerie Moon
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