Wind Moon–April Full Moon

Wind Moon–April Full Moon

The Wind Moon–April full moon–is on Monday, the 26th. The Wind Moon is a good time for magick of new beginnings and clearing out the old and stagnant. This full moon is in Scorpio, which could bring up a lot

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Vlog: 5 Magickal Mistakes NOT to Make

Living the Magickal Life image

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Blogmas: Krampus Festival (Giveaway)


A central European holiday, thought to come down from pagan times, the Krampus festival is a celebration of Krampus, who punishes children who are naughty. There are some wonderful vids on the net focusing on various Krampus festivals, like the

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Samhain: A Tarot Ritual

tarot deck

November 1, Samhain—the Festival of the Dead.  The year is waning, venturing towards the winter solstice, the darkest night of the year.  Leaves lay crisp on the ground, their burnished reds and bronzes a reminder of the fallow fields of

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Mabon Rites

Mabon image

The first rainstorms of the season, the scent of wood smoke fills the night air, a sudden gust as a brisk wind hurls leaves off the trees in a maelstrom of color, the last rush to harvest the garden before

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Lughnasadh: A Tarot Ritual

Breads and rolls

The waning half of the year leads us into the concept of sacrifice.  During this time we begin our spiritual descent into the Underworld.  Lughnasadh marks the first of the three  harvests: the Grain Harvest of Lughnasadh, the Harvest of

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Litha: A Summer Siren Bathing Spell

Mermaid on a rock overlooking the ocean

Summer Solstice–or Litha, as we call it in the Craft–is coming. When I think of summer, I think of the beach. And I think of water and frogs and the ocean, and cleansing rituals. So here’s a summer-siren’s cleansing ritual

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Magick: Common Sense Ritual Preparations

Interview With Me

Note: I wrote this almost 20 years ago for a datebook and have the rights back, and it seems as pertinent today as it did then. When setting out to prepare for a magical ritual, there are several caveats best

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New Vlog: How to Make a Magickal Wands

Welcome to Yasmine's Place


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April New Moon

Moon Phases

The new moon this week will be at 7:25 PM, April 22, on the west coast. (10:25 on the east coast). The moon will shift over to Taurus, out of Aries, nine minutes after it goes new. So your focus

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