Today’s excerpt comes from Night Myst.

Night Myst

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AFTER SHE GOT home from work and spent a few minutes with Leo, Rhiannon joined me in my room. We had three hours before we had to be at the party and both she and Leo were insistent that I had to dress the part.

“What does one wear to a vampire soiree?” I held up the little black dress I’d bought. It was short, sophisticated, and could pull off cocktails or dancing without a problem. Speaking of cocktails, the thought of what might be on the beverage menu made me a little queasy.

“That’s nice—what is it? Silk?”

I nodded. “Leo wouldn’t let me buy anything cheap.”

“It’s got a sweetheart neckline. Hmm,” she said, a thoughtful look on her face. “Whatever you do, don’t bring attention to your neck. No flashy necklaces or chokers. Not a good place to accentuate.”

She smoothed the velvet skirt and top she was wearing. “How do I look? Okay?”

“Okay? That green sets off your hair and turns you into a torch. You’re gorgeous. You look Old World beautiful.” I paused. “Hey, Leo warned me about Lannan. I’ll be cautious. I’m nobody’s bloodwhore. Ever.

“I know this is hard.” She paused. “How much do you hate them, Cicely? And is it just for what they did to your mother?”

I glanced up at her, trying to figure out how to explain. “I don’t. Not really. Krystal was a grown woman and she made her own choices, as stupid as they were. The truth is I don’t hate vampires. I just don’t trust them. No matter how many safeguards you put into place, they’re predators and they can lose control. And when a vamp loses control, you’re toast.”

“Is that how you feel about Grieve now?”

I winced. “I love him…but can I ever trust him? I don’t know. He’s in the court of the enemy. They rip people to shreds. They feed on life energy as well as blood. When you think about it, the Indigo Court is far worse than the Vein Lords. Vampires you can reason with to an extent, and they’re willing to make deals. I don’t think the Indigo Court Fae are quite so civilized.”

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Excerpt: Night Myst
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