Today’s excerpt comes from Oak & Thorns.

Oak & Thorns

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“Hippocampus? I didn’t know we had any of those around here.”

Not many people knew who the hippocampi were. Fewer still understood the nature of the water-horse shifters. While in the water, a hippocampus took the form of an actual water-horse — but not the cute little seahorse creatures bobbing around in the ocean.

No, a hippocampus had the front half of a horse, with the tail of the fish. And they were huge. As they rose out of the water onto the shore, they could turn into startlingly beautiful white horses, or into human form, depending on their choice. When a pod of them emerged together, it was astounding to watch as the elegant white horses came racing out of the sea foam. Poseidon hired some of them to use as his steeds in the depths of the ocean. They were as elegant in their water-horse form as they were on land.

“I had never heard of them, so after she filled out the form, I took the opportunity to do a search. It’s amazing what you can find on the net.” Angel giggled, rolling her eyes. “Never search on ‘horse people’ with safe-search off.”

“I imagine.” I pushed myself to my feet. “I’d better get in there before Herne comes looking for me.”

“Somehow I don’t think you’d object to that,” Angel said, a knowing smile on her face.

I snorted, glaring at her, but she knew I didn’t mean it.

Herne and I had been dating for three months, and I was just settling into the idea of that I was in an actual relationship again. So far, so good. We hit it off, our chemistry was like flash powder — igniting at the slightest touch. Add to that, we enjoyed each other’s company. I just still hadn’t quite come to terms with the fact that I was dating the son of a god.

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Excerpt: Oak & Thorns
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