Today’s excerpt comes from Night’s End.

Night's End

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Grieve glanced over at our guards. “You know what this means for you, correct?”

Check nodded. “Yes, Your Lordship. We will be the Queen’s constant companions. Even when the others are cleared, I think we should continue as her official escorts. Best to establish a core network, considering there are spies about. Too many with access to the inner Court can create an unintentional doorway for enemies to gain a foothold.”

Strict let out a shaky breath as he stood, leaning on the back of the chair for support. “Your Majesty, I understand why you couldn’t tell me about this before testing me, but now—we must discuss this in a private council. With Myst moving again, and with the Shadow Hunters within the boundaries of our realm, we have no time to waste. You must contact the Summer Throne and let them know. And the Crimson Court.”

Silverweb leaned forward, her elbows on her knees, clasping her hands. “It’s time for us to band together. We must not forget the Consortium. Your connection with Ysandra Petros may help there. Myst—”

Before she could continue, Thorn came rushing back into the room. “You must return to your throne room, Your Majesty. There is news. We can speed the way for your journey back, but you must leave now. Be cautious—evil deeds are in action, and there will be no turning back now. Here, we will rest in shifts and work our way through the rest of your guard as soon as possible. We will not fail you.”

And with that another one of the shamans—we did not know his name and he did not offer it—appeared and gestured for all of us to follow him.

I looked at Grieve, an apprehensive cloud settling over me. Ulean fluttered around me with gentle whisperings.

I’ll go ahead and find out what I can. I will meet you there, Cicely.

Thank you—and, Ulean? Be cautious. I know there are Elementals out there who live for chaos and mayhem, just as Myst does. And she might control some of them.

Fear not. I will watch my back. And then she was gone.

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Excerpt: Night’s End
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