Today’s excerpt comes from Casting Curses.

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Another massive lightning bolt forked across the sky. I held my breath, counting. One and two and three and — boom. The house shook and I grabbed hold of the table.

“Holy crap,” Sandy said.

Outside, hail began to bounce on the ground again.

I picked up my buttered rum, taking a long sip to soothe my nerves. “The storm is supposed to be rough, but I didn’t think was going to be this bad. I hope everything’s okay up at the school.”

Sandy’s foster daughter, soon to be her adopted daughter, lived at the Neverfall Academy for Gifted Students, a magical boarding school for witches. Children of all ages, from all parts of the country, attended the academy, from Hexengarten to grade 12. One of the largest and oldest educational institutions for members of the Otherkin community, Neverfall was also one of the most prestigious.

“Jenna is probably safer than we are. That place was built to withstand an earthquake up to a nine-pointer. So it should be able to withstand a thunderstorm.” Sandy buttered a roll and bit into it, a look of bliss washing across her face. “Aegis, if you ever decide to give up the music business you should open a bakery. I’m not kidding — you are the best baker in town.”

Aegis waved her off, but he his grin told me he was gratified.

“I actually worked as a baker, about two hundred years ago. It was ideal because I worked the night shift and baked all the bread before morning. They never figured out I was a vampire, and thanks to my sourdough and rye, that shop made a killing. When I left, they begged me to stay. They offered me twice my salary because they knew they weren’t going to find anybody as good as I was. At least not in that area.”

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Excerpt: Casting Curses

One thought on “Excerpt: Casting Curses

  • 09/20/2018 at 12:28 pm

    Finished and got my review up on amazon!
    Absolutely loved it.
    You know its a great book when it shocks you that you finished it and want oh so much more!
    Once again my leafy you ROCKED!


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