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December: Holly Moon

We have entered the holiday season. Samhain is over, but Yuletide and New Years await. Tension builds at this time of year, so we focus our ritual on releasing stress.

Buy a bottle of your favorite bubble bath (this applies to you men, too). Cast a circle in your bathroom; light candles with a soothing fragrance and color. Fill your tub with warm water and add a generous amount of bubble bath.

As you remove each piece of clothing, shed one more worry from the daily world. When you are naked, step into the foaming bubbles. As the warm water leaches tensions from your body, lean back and close your eyes.

Imagine yourself drifting in a tropical sea, with the sun gently beating on your face. Slide into the ocean, as tension is carried away. Sense the life that pulses around you, in the waves and under the glassine surface, and yet, none of this activity interferes with your peace. Give up the worry that permeates your days to the Water Mother. When you leave the bath, take a cool rejuvenating shower.

Affirmation for the Holly Moon: I remain serene in the face of the chaos around me.

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December: The Holly Moon
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