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Today we come to the last of the Year of Moons posts–the Quickening Moon, February’s Full Moon, at it takes place this morning at 7:54 AM. You have a full day to take advantage of the moon’s power!

February: Quickening Moon

Come February, we look towards spring. The winter months leave us weary, we think of gardens and balmy spring mornings. Imbolc reminds us of Brighid’s fire and so this month, we focus on creativity and inspiration to hold us through the last gasps of winter.

For our full moon ritual, we focus on Brighid and Her fiery nature. Brighid rules over the spheres of poetry, healing and smithery. Decorate your altar with a red cloth, and set three candles out, black, red and white (for Brighid is also one of the foremost Triple Goddesses). Add a jug of cream as a libation to the Goddess, then, around the base of the altar, arrange the items you use in your art, writing or other creative projects. Cast a circle and invoke the Lady Brighid, then light the candles. Say:

Lady Brighid of Forge and Fire
Hear now my heart’s desire.
Bless these tools with which I create
Woo for me, the hand of Fate.
To reach my dreams, inspire me,
As I will, so mote it be.

Spend some time in quiet meditation after this simple but effective ritual.

Affirmation for the Quickening Moon: I am creative and inspired.

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February: The Quickening Moon
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