Today’s excerpt comes from The Hallowed Hunt.

The Hallowed Hunt

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We were back on the street in five minutes, and fifteen minutes later, we pulled into the Longtooth’s driveway. They had a little house on a rundown street in the right neighborhood. Even though the house looked old, they had kept it up and it was painted sage green with brown trim. The yard was neatly trimmed, though small, and the fence was weathered but it was standing and looked like it would hold until the next big windstorm.

I stared at the door. “Are they home?”

“Herne said that Dana is. She gave him permission to send us over.” He climbed out of the truck and, as I got out, beeped the fob to lock the doors. “You ready for this?”

“You mean, am I ready to face a parent who recently lost her little girl to a killer? No, but I don’t think we have much choice.” I took the lead, striding over the cracked sidewalk to the door. Tufts of grass poked through the broken concrete, though along the sides of the walk, rows of hearty primroses lined the path.

As we came to the porch, I darted up the steps. People responded quicker to me than to Viktor. It was purely a matter of threat—Viktor was huge and half-ogre, and even though he was handsome, he looked like some mafia thug. I, on the other hand, was five-seven, sturdy but without bulging muscles, and I looked like the Fae girl next door. Kind of.

The woman who answered my knock was shorter than I was, and plumper, and she was wearing a circle skirt and a form fitting sweater. Her hair was pulled back into a pony tail, but though she looked perfectly made up, there was an aura of sadness about her that said to me it was a facade, probably to keep her going.

“Hi, are you Dana Longtooth?” I asked.

She nodded. “Yes, are you from the Wild Hunt?”

“Yes, we are.” I pulled out my badge and Viktor did the same. She let us in, leading us into the living room.


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Excerpt: The Hallowed Hunt

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