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Word Magic: Letting Go of Expectations
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One thought on “Word Magic: Letting Go of Expectations

  • 03/10/2019 at 3:28 pm

    Everyone’s process is different. I don’t know anyone who does it the exact same way as everyone else. Do it the way that makes you want to write. Write everyday. Does it have to be on your project when it’s not flowing right? No. Write something else then. I’m very active on my blog when my Muse takes off on a booze cruise with the latest yard boy. She’s a floozy. But I write, every single day, I write something. There are times I work on fiction and other times I have to work on my scientific papers. As far as writing goes, galaxies apart, but I’m writing.

    Just write what you want to write, not what someone tells you will sell, not the way someone else says it should be done. Just write.


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