Hello everyone, Jennifer here! Summer is upon us and Yasmine asked me to do a blog post about fun summer activities.

Since I live in Texas we especially have to take the heat into consideration when planning activities that aren’t indoors. In my town my library is awesome because they have activities for all age groups from babies to adults all summer long. My daughter and I have been joining in on that fun for as long as we’ve lived here. Now that she’s a teen she’s a part of their summer theater group as well as going to their teen events. So check out your library and see what they may have going on for the summer.

A really cool mini golf place opened up here and has 3d glow in the dark golfing, batting cages, and an arcade. We also recently in the last couple of years had a new theater open up that has a bowling alley and arcade in it. The theater is also one of those theaters where you can order food and watch a movie while you eat. We intend to enjoy both of these places as much as possible this summer because these are fun family activities that are indoors in the air conditioning. We enjoy going to the museums, the zoo, and the botanical gardens. We are big into learning as we play so these are great places for both. The ones in my area sometimes have special events or half price days that my family tries to take advantage of.

We’re also looking into going to the new water park that opened near us. Water parks, pools, lakes, rivers, and the ocean are great places to enjoy some summer family fun. Just be sure to wear sunscreen when you’re going to be outside and stay hydrated. Other fun water based activities you can do are water gun and water balloon fights. We love to get the biggest water guns we can and chase each other around.

My daughter is autistic so we also look into the special needs events in our area. A local church puts on a rodeo every year for special needs people, and my daughter has participated for years and loves it. It is a really great thing and so much fun. So if you have a special needs child I suggest looking into events in your area to see what might be going on just for them during the summer.

Crafts are also a fun thing to do with the kids to keep them busy. There are great recipes online for making things like slime, play dough, and other things. I’m currently teaching my daughter to crochet, and we’ll do paint your own ceramic and wood items that I found at the craft store.  Family game night is a big thing for my family too. Some nights we play board games, but others we play video games together. The games don’t much matter as long as we have fun and spend time together.

These are just a few of the things and ideas I have for fun this summer with my family. What kinds summer fun do you plan to have with your family?

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Summer Fun: Let’s Play!
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One thought on “Summer Fun: Let’s Play!

  • 06/06/2019 at 4:51 pm

    We love to go camping, backpacking, go to the beach and lakes to keep cool. But my daughter loves ice skating, so that is one thing this summer we are adding in. And of course can’t forget swimming. Living in the Pacific NorthWest gives us all kinds of options of things to do in the summer time, indoors and out.


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