A Sacred Magic cover

A Sacred Magic

Ember’s about to face the showdown of her life…

Things are coming to a head with the Tuathan Brotherhood, and Ember finds herself right on the front lines. The goddess Brighid calls in her favor, sending Ember on a journey through the world of Annwn. Her quest? To find an ancient weapon that can turn the tide in the war against Nuanda and the Tuathan Brotherhood.

But as Ember journeys to the Well of Tears, she must face not only the demons that inhabit the mystical forest, but her demons that haunt her blood heritage. Can she recover Brighid’s Flame and put an end to the Tuathan Brotherhood? If she succeeds, Ember must face an enemy unlike any other she’s ever battled. But, if she fails, the Brotherhood will permanently destroy the delicate balance of power between the Fae Courts and the rest of the world.

Preorder Available Soon.

Playlist for A Sacred Magic:

A.J. Roach: Devil May Dance

Air: Napalm Love

Alice Cooper: Go to Hell; I’m the Coolest; Didn’t We Meet; Some Folks; Poison; Welcome to My Nightmare

Alice In Chains: Man in the Box; I Can’t Remember; Sunshine

Android Lust: Here and Now; Saint Over; Dragonfly

Arch Leaves: Nowhere to Go


Band of Skulls: I Know What I Am

The Black Angels: Currency; Don’t Play With Guns; Love Me Forever; Young Men Dead; Always Maybe; Death March; Comanche Moon; Manipulation

Black Mountain: Queens Will Play

Broken Bells: The Ghost Inside

Buffalo Springfield: For What It’s Worth

Camouflage Nights: (It Could Be) Love

Celtic Woman: The Butterfly; The Voice; Scarborough Fair

Crazy Town: Butterfly

Damh the Bard: The Cauldron Born; Tomb of the King; Obsession; Cloak of Feathers; Taliesin’s Song; The Wheel

Death Cab For Cutie: I Will Possess Your Heart

Dizzi: Dizzi Jig; Dance of the Unicorns

Dragon Ritual Drummers: Black Queen; The Fall; Dance of the Roma

Eastern Sun: Beautiful Being (Original Edit)

Eivør: Trøllbundin

Everlast: Black Jesus; I Can’t Move; Ends; What It’s Like; One, Two

Faun: Hymn to Pan; Iduna; Oyneng yar; The Market Song; Punagra; Cernunnos; Rad; Sieben

Garbage: Queer; #1 Crush; Push It; I Think I’m Paranoid

Gary Numan: Cars (Remix); Ghost Nation; My Name is Ruin; Hybrid; Petals; I Am Dust; Here in the Black; When the Sky Bleeds, He Will Follow; Angel Wars; My Name is Ruin; The Sleeproom

Godsmack: Voodoo

Gorillaz: Last Living Souls; Kids With Guns; Hongkongaton; Rockit; Clint Eastwood; Stylo

The Gospel Whisky Runners: Muddy Waters

Hedningarna: Ukkonen; Fulvalsen; Juolle Joutunut

The Hu: Wolf Totem; Yuve Yuve Yu

Jessica Bates: The Hanging Tree

John Fogerty: The Old Man Down the Road

The Kills: Nail in My Coffin; You Don’t Own The Road; Sour Cherry; Dead Road 7

LadyTron: Paco!; Ghosts; I’m Not Scared

Lorde: Yellow Flicker Beat; Royals

Low and tomandandy: Half Light

Marilyn Manson: Personal Jesus; Tainted Love

Matt Corby: Breathe

Nirvana: Heart Shaped Box; Come As You Are; Something in the Way; Plateau; Lake of Fire

No Doubt: Hella Good; Hey Baby; Trapped in a Box

Opeth: Windowpane; Death Whispered A Lullaby; To Rid the Disease

Orgy: Social Enemies; Blue Monday

A Pale Horse Named Death: Devil In the Closet; Meet the Wolf

Pati Yang: All That Is Thirst

Pearl Jam: Even Flow; Black; Jeremy; Garden

Ringo Starr: It Don’t Come Easy

Rob Zombie: Living Dead Girl; American Witch; Never Gonna Stop; Feel So Numb; Mars Needs Women; Dragula

Robin Schulz: Sugar

S.J. Tucker: Hymn to Herne

Saliva: Ladies and Gentlemen

Scorpions: The Zoo

Screaming Trees: Where the Twain Shall Meet; Uncle Anesthesia; Dime Western; Shadow of the Season; Alice Said; Gospel Plow

Seether: Never Leave; Remedy; The Gift

Sharon Knight: Ravaged Ruins; Mother of the World; Bewitched; Berrywood Grove; 13 Knots; Let the Waters Rise; Siren Moon

Shriekback: The Shining Path; Underwaterboys; Dust and a Shadow; This Big Hush; Now These Days Are Gone; The King in the Tree; And The Rain; Church of the Louder Light; Wriggle and Drone

Simple Minds: Don’t You

Steeleye Span: The Fox; Blackleg Miner; Cam Ye O’er Frae France

Stone Temple Pilots: Sour Girl; Atlanta

Sweet Talk Radio: We All Fall Down

Tom Petty: Mary Jane’s Last Dance

Transplants: Down in Oakland; Diamonds and Guns

Tuatha Dea: Tuatha De Danaan; The Hum and the Shiver; Wisp of a Thing (Part 1); Long Black Curl

Warchild: Ash

Wendy Rule: Let the Wind Blow; The Circle Song; Elemental Chant; The Wolf Sky

Wumpscut: The March of the Dead

Zero 7: In the Waiting Line

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Playlist & Blurb For A Sacred Magic
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2 thoughts on “Playlist & Blurb For A Sacred Magic

  • 08/04/2019 at 8:58 pm

    Before you begin writing do you create a “record” ( I’m old school on terms–sorry) of all the songs on the list that loop through every song continuously, kind of like what exercise teachers do ( I’m thinking Zumba Gold and Zumba classes). Hope that this makes sense.

    Can’t wait to be able to order this coming book with Ember the main character.

    • 08/05/2019 at 10:01 am

      Yes, I make a playlist on my WinMedia Player. I have all my music ripped to my computer because that’s where I listen to it mostly, and then I put playlists on my iPad and iPhone for when I’m away from the computer. 🙂


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