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So every writer finds inspiration in a number of places for their writing. I have my playlists–so music plays a part. And of course movies, TV, books, all go into the mix that provides inspiration. But I’m a very visual person, and I like to keep art around me that inspires me. I have a number of paintings in my office that I love–illustrative art, prints of paintings, sculpture…but another thing I recently decided to try was a vision bulletin board. I make treasure maps–vision boards–for myself, and for each season. But I wanted something I could change for each book, easily. And since I have a laminating machine (I love my laminator–I love shiny things), I can put together pictures, etc., that inspire me for the books.

Here’s my current bulletin board, for the Wild Hunt Series, A Sacred Magic.  So tell me, what do you use for inspiration on your creative endeavors?

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Inspiration Board for A Sacred Magic
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One thought on “Inspiration Board for A Sacred Magic

  • 08/17/2019 at 9:40 am

    As of late, I’ve been inspired by my own life events/ trying to create a world I want to live in.
    I also draw from the books I read. The characters an author creates are people too, and as such have things to teach us; whether that lesson is a new way to love or a new approach to a spiritual path, a reminder of why you, as a reader, do things the way you do or reawakening an old dream, those lessons are there and they inspire me.


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