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So today we’re going to talk about ghost stories — real ghost stories. Now, last Tuesday, I told you about a ghost that I saw when my husband and I were on an anniversary trip. Today I’m going to talk about a few other ghosts that I’ve encountered. I told some of the stories before, and some, I haven’t so much.

I’ve dealt with a number of spirits over the years who were passing through my house, and I felt/seen them on the side of the road, especially as the veils begin to thin each year near Samhain. But, in particular, two years stand out during our Samhain rituals.

A group of us were gathered in our living room on Samhain eve. We always do a silent meditation during the ritual, focusing on those who have gone before. Well, I remember I was sitting there, focusing on my ancestors, and I happened to glance up at the arch leading into the hall.

I saw a youngish man, probably in his early 20s, wearing what looks like mechanic’s coveralls, and he was holding a motorcycle helmet. He had reddish hair, and he looked at me and said, “nobody remembers me. Nobody’s thinking of me.”

Well, after the ritual, we usually discuss what we felt or seen. Anything that isn’t too private. I mentioned this guy, and told everyone what he looked like and what he said. One of my friends straightened up and said, “Oh my gods, that’s Rusty.” It turned out that she was younger, she had dated a man who was in his early 20s, with red hair. He had been mechanic. He ended up dying in a motorcycle crash, and she said that it would be like his family not to really think of him a whole lot. After that, she included him in her Samhain roll call of the dead.

Spirits aren’t limited to people, either. Another Samhain, my husband and I were celebrating privately, and during our silent meditation I felt this tiny kitten crawl on my lap. I could practically see her, she was young and frightened, and I realized she didn’t know she was dead.

I started to cry because I felt so bad for her. I petted her—astrally—running my hand over the place where she was on my lap, and she seemed to like that. And then I called Mielikki, my goddess, to take her through the veils to a place where she could be free again. I still cry when I think about that kitten, and how many animals were killed on the roads and wandering through the spirit world.

Whenever we pass a squirrel or cat who has been hit by a car, if we can’t stop to get them off the road, I always send a silent prayer to Bast or one of the gods I know who deals with animals, to help their spirit make the transition.

Another time, Sam and I were sitting in our living room, and he suddenly looked up and asked me, “Are you wearing perfume?” I wasn’t at the time, and told him no. Turns out, he could smell something floral, fruity and tropical. Right then, I began to smell it as well. I could sense someone around, so I went into trance and contacted the spirit who was hanging out.

Turns out, it was the spirit of a grandmother I had had in a life long past, at a time I lived in Hawaii. She told me what her name was, and that she’d been looking for me because I had been swept out to the ocean by a rogue wave when I was 16.

She showed me the area where we had lived, and told me she was watching over me. Now, most of you know that Sam lived in Hawaii a number of years of his life, and while I visited there, I saw a small part of the Big Island. So I described the area I had seen to him, and he tell me to look up why Waimea Valley on the Big Island.

Sure enough, it was exactly as she had shown me in my mind, and when I read up on the history, there had been native Hawaiians living in that area about 500 years ago. Every time I smell tropical flowers in the house, I know she’s near.

I’ve dealt with angry spirits as well, but that’s a story for another day. So, tell me, do you have any ghost stories to share? Tell me in the comments below, what eerie adventures have you had?

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Sshhh…It’s Time for Ghost Stories!
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10 thoughts on “Sshhh…It’s Time for Ghost Stories!

  • 10/18/2019 at 10:46 am

    I’m a nurse and worked in a very small hospital. On midnights the bathroom the staff used always freaked me out, but only on mids. I always felt like when I opened the door to leave, the hair on the back of my neck would raise and it was like I was being watched. It was weird!!! Also from the nurses station you could see both ends of the hall (that’s how small of a facility it was) but I swore I saw a dark shadow move from one room into the next. My co-worker saw my reaction and confirmed that she also saw it and does often. There are other things but they only happened at night. Nothing outside of that have I ever experienced anything, and I’m ok with that…

  • 10/14/2019 at 11:21 am

    Our home is interesting. It was built during the Depression, and I both myself and my husband have had experiences. We had a cat who used to go into one corner of the basement and howl at the top of his lungs and growl. Sometimes, I’ll be down there doing laundry and feel watched~ I don’t frighten easily, but it is creepy sometimes, so I walk upstairs. My cats hiss and get puffy at a certain vent . One time, I was sitting in the living room,and the basement door opened on its own. That was freaky. Our range fan turns on by itself,which usually requires flipping two switches.
    The instance that really freaked me out was while reading in bed with my cat on me. Pandora started puffing up and growling while looking behind me. We have about a two foot space between the bed and the wall. I felt like someone was right behind me… At that point, I was scared and mad. I addressed whatever it was, and said that this was my home, but I was willing to share and help them if needed. I also firmly established that scaring me and the family wasn’t going to be tolerated.
    Nothing alarming since then, but the lights turn on and off, and the range fan is still active. The cats know~ you can tell when they stare at nothing. Been here 21 years,and I smudge with Palo Santo regularly. It’s all good.

  • 10/08/2019 at 6:09 pm

    During a hotel stay in Cassadega, Florida a few years ago, a friend and I were able to capture orbs on a digital camera. We were doing tarot readings, when discussing the cards or pulling new ones they moved closer, when not discussing they moved away. This town has a lot of spirit activity. Happy Samhain.

  • 10/08/2019 at 12:25 pm

    Here’s not only my Ghost story but some my mother told me she had as well

    In 2004 one night, between midnight – 2am. I was working on my computer at home typing something or playing around online and I started to hear someone talking as if someone was in the ‘house’ (we live in a 2 family home in the top apartment) besides myself, my parents were in bed. I turned around and from my desk I could see the rest of the apartment and if there was a tv on I would see the flickering glow from the rooms, NOTHING.
    The ‘talking’ kept going on to the point I got up & started to listen to the floor, in both the living room & dining room, nothing coming from there either. Then I said maybe the cat walked over the clock radio in my parents’ room. I went over to (as I call it) “bedroom wing” (which consists of my parents room on the left, the bathroom in the middle & my room to the right) nothing on in my room, nothing coming from the radio in mom & dads, but the ‘talking’ is coming from inside their room. Now I go to check to see if maybe one of them is talking in their sleep. Nope definitely Not, both were sleeping and lightly snoring. The voice was frantic sounding and I got a ‘flash’ or vision like someone who is frustrated shaking their hands in front of them. This was coming from mom’s side of the bed and to me was like it was trying to warn her of something. I also took that frustrated flash as the disembodied voice being frustrated with mom not answering like ‘Why won’t you listen to me (or answer)’.
    My reaction? I brushed it off in a way but thought it was creepy, and likely thought maybe somehow I can hear someone in the next house (even though it sounded like a live person in mine)

    I go back to the computer and continue with what I’m doing then I hear a voice and feel a presence behind me, I so did not want to look, but I did and there was nothing there I could see. Then I heard the talking again which is now coming from straight ahead past dining room and was either in the kitchen on the step down to the indoor porch or a foot away under the lamp on the porch. If there were a person there I would have been looking right at them, no body,(literally) not even some weird shadow or anything of the sort you usually hear about. That time I really got the creeps, enough to know that I now know how Scooby & Shaggy feels when that yellow stripe goes down their backs. With not being able to debunk what was going on logically, I turned chicken and (can’t even remember if I shut down the computer) & went in my room to sleep. (am I scaring myself again seems the only way it can be done)
    The next morning at breakfast I told mom & dad of my err…’adventure’ and mom looked at me freaked out and told me it was my Aunt Elenor’s birthday (Yeah and she was dead for a few years even before that) So you go figure.

    Assorted experiences from mom and myself

    My mother has had ‘experiences’ as well as other family members
    …. Mom has told me she hears in the kitchen like near the doorway something as if a poker game is going on. We also sometimes see a black shadow in the corner of our eye & think my cat has come in the room and when we look she’s not there. Mom has even felt as if Sully jumped on her bed but wasn’t there. I have experienced that last part a few times as well, and she’s not there not even a trace that she opened the door to get in. (sadly now when this happens we think it IS Sully as she passed on July 2018)

    Mom says she thinks Sully (my cat) is sometimes being chased by a pet spirit. One time Sully was eating her food or drinking water & turned around as if someone turns when they feel someone is sneaking up on them. She runs through the house, Guano loco as if something is chasing her.

    Sometimes I will see a shadow or something I cannot explain in my room, Sully also sometimes stares into a corner of the room and all I can think of is a certain part of that movie insidious with that red-faced demon up in the corner of the ceiling.
    I’ve smelled scents of perfume or cologne that should not be there, and sometimes when its the middle of winter and none of the windows are open!
    I don’t care what anyone says there is some sort (or more) presence in this house, sadly I do not have the equipment to test anything out.

    October 2013 (one of the first 4 -5 days of the month, can’t remember which it was) I was watching tv or reading in my room and I saw in the corner of my eye ‘someone’ go into the bathroom or the other bedroom. I saw it as a Black shadow like figure, average human height. I thought it was my mother and I had said something or other to her but didn’t get an answer so I looked in the bathroom no one went in, and I looked in her room no one was there. Looked through rest of rooms and when she saw me she said What? (While looking at me with a literal face like I HAD seen a ghost.) So I tell her what was wrong and she says ‘;you saw an ABBARIDGEON?
    Me Huh.. What!?(Laughing our butts off) Do you mean APPARITION?

    My Aunt Rose (mom’s side of family) died when I was in grade school and I think I was alive when her husband George died, (though very little) So I think I just remember him in the funeral home. Anyway my mom said that before my Aunt Rose died, (I think my mom was there when Aunt Rose ‘saw’ this) she said she saw my Uncle George sitting on top of the dresser, mom said that’s when she knew my Aunt was going to die.
    Another was after my Aunt Rose died, we got her train set that went around the tree. We had them out that year and at night. Mom and I both woke up (as well as the cat) hearing something…and going to the living room to find that the noise we heard was the Train on. No idea how or why. I know you are thinking we didn’t turn it off or the cat somehow turned it on or a malfunction but we DID turn it off and as for a malfunction it only did it this one time! We checked out the batteries and wires to make sure it wasn’t going to cause some sort of problem. Plus the cat was not near it, when I came out of my room he was sleeping on my parent’s bed. I’d like to think it was her way of letting us know she was ok.

    Summer or fall 2003 My Grandma Clara (same side of the family) told mom she saw a black cat on the chair at the end of her bed. The weird thing about this is 1. My cat is Black. 2. Gram didn’t know what color my cat was, never told her nor did she get to see her. 3. We couldn’t find Sully (the cat) for a long time the night before (when my gram says she saw a cat). 4. and the biggest weird part, My cat was (and at the time was still) alive. We swear my Gram saw my cats astral self.

    I always called her my little familiar!

  • 10/07/2019 at 6:43 pm

    After my tuxedo cat Bert died, his litter mate Pierre and I were still grieving after a few months. Bert and Pierre were rescued cats and both had’have medical problems. Bert died in my arms at home due to lung cancer ( I have never smoked, nor has anyone who visits). There were a few times when I could see out of the corner of my eyes a black cat running down the hall ( which Bert did a lot). It’s only been the last couple of months that I haven’t seen him anymore.

  • 10/07/2019 at 6:21 pm

    1972 I went to my friend’s house and we played all day. Towards dusk we were heading to the house and passed by another house on the property. This house had a long stairwell on the left side of the house. There was a lady standing about 1/2 way down the stairs. She had on a long white dress with a high collar. We both saw her and we estimated she was from around Civil war time. She didn’t move or speak so we high tailed it to the house. You could see she was translucent. We don’t talk about it much though for fear we might see her or something else.

  • 10/07/2019 at 12:20 pm

    I have always sensed things that others can’t sense or feel however never known what to do especially if I feel fear towards that entity. Would love some input in what do ??

  • 10/07/2019 at 12:17 pm

    Another one when I lived in Mt maunganui new Zealand I used to walk around the mountain (there was a track to walk aound) I would see a young Maori warrior run past me he would always smile at me my fiends never saw him.I never felt scared of him.then when I was at work in Wellington new Zealand I saw him again this time spoke to me and we had a good conversation, I thought at first I was talking to a customer until one of my colleagues came up to and asked who I was talking to as she couldid see no one

  • 10/07/2019 at 12:12 pm

    When I was 5 years old ,and a bottle 6 months after my twin brother had died .in awoke in the night and there was three outlines figures holding hands on my side of the bed (the other side was a wall).the figures went from tall to short .I didn’t feel scared.
    Another experience I was living in a one bedroom apartment and my boyfriend and I were asleep I was woken my something brushing against my arm and hand wHicham was dangling over the bed , it felt like a cat. At that time I had no animals.I woke my boyfriend up and made him swap sides, that experience scared me.
    The third experience I was again flitting in a three bedroom house and I was asleeping in my bed when I felt something crawling it way up my body then when it got close to my head I could feel pressure on either side of my shoulders and it was trying to pull the covers away I don’t know what it was and why the ghost did this to me needless to say I was terrified.I moved out not long after that.

  • 10/07/2019 at 11:58 am

    I don’t know if this is a ghost experience or something else, but it’s something that’s really stuck with me. When I was a kid (7/8) my little brother and I shared a room with bunk beds and always slept with a nightlight on. One night as I lay awake in my bed I looked over to the open closet and saw a figure standing behind the hanging clothing. I didn’t catch a face, only a very tall, thin man in a black, pinstriped suit and bowler style hat. I closed my eyes and kept them closed until I fell asleep. I never told anybody about what I’d seen, but a few years ago I was in a conversation with my brother and dad about ghost. My brother began to describe an almost identical experience with the same figure in the same room. I was totally blown away. We still don’t know what the figure was, be it ghost or guardian or something else entirely, but that experience will never be forgotten.


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