Moon Stalking--moon behind cloudsEvery other Friday I’ll be focusing on a character profile from my books/series. Today, we’re stalking Herne the Hunter, Lord of the Hunt, leader of the Wild Hunt Agency, and Ember’s boyfriend from the Wild Hunt Series. Being a god, Herne has a lot of hidden qualities that will come out as the series goes along, but there are some fun things I can tell you about him now. Some of them came from mythology, others are directly from my imagination and world-building.

Herne the Hunter is ageless as far as mortals are concerned, though he looks in his thirties. He has shoulder-length wheat colored hair and the scruff of a beard and mustache and piercing blue eyes. He’s around 5’11” and about 175-180 lbs of muscle.

He’s well built and muscled, and his birthday is on Beltane, May 1st. In my world, his mother is Morgana, goddess of the Fae and the sea, and Cernnunos, Lord of the Forest from Celtic mythology.

In the Wild Hunt Series, Herne and his parents come from Annwn, the Celtic Otherworld which is a realm just a step away from our own. Herne has a daughter, Danielle who is a demigoddess–half Amazon, half goddess, and his maternal grandparents (Morgana’s parents) are the Merlin, the Magician–one of the Force Majeure (one of the elite magic-born) , and Viviane (the Lady of the Lake) who is Dark Fae.

Herne was appointed by Cernunnos to run the Wild Hunt agency and has been doing so for several hundred years. He has known Talia for thousands of years, and is known for taking in ‘strays’ and doing his best to help them. Herne’s magic is of the trees and animals, and of the forest. He can control plants and trees, he can speak with them, and also with animals. He turns into a silver stag when he’s in his element, is a spot-on bowman, and has a connection with both water and fire magic. He runs with the actual Wild Hunt, as well.

He slowly stood as I entered the room, rising gracefully as he flashed me a mischievous smile. “I’m ready for you,” he whispered. And he was ready. The thews of his thighs were rippling, sturdy and rock solid. His hair spilled over his shoulder, brushing his shoulder blades. His chest was broad, and his arms and biceps were muscled without being bulky. His torso narrowed into his waist, and his abs were firm and trim, leading down into a beautifully formed “V” that highlighted his cock. Ready he was, standing at attention, firm and erect. 

Oak & Thorns (The Wild Hunt Book 2)

Herne laughed, opening his arms. “Come give me a kiss, you greedy wench.” As he enfolded me in his embrace, I felt better. I felt protected when I was with him, especially since we were in his world, not mine. He rocked me back and forth, nuzzling my neck. Finally, after a moment, he pulled away. “While I’d like to keep this up and see where it goes, we’re probably not far off from lunch. Change into one of your nice dresses. It will be formal.” 

A Sacred Magic (Wild Hunt Book 9)

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Moon Stalking: Herne
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